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Jul 21, 2008 05:20 PM

LaRocco's Pizzeria - A Quick Hit

After seeing many years of east coast transplants [yes, I am one of them] whine about the lack of a certain style of pizza in Socal. I have woken up to realize the cry has been heard and while the options are not near the best I've ever had, they are a reasonable substitute.

The latest option poped up in Culver City a few weeks ago. LaRocco's is a small hole in the wall on Main Street. We had a project which needed to be slogged through on a Saturday night and Dommy and I thought ordering a pizza and a salad would sate our appetites for the work ahead. We ordered sausage mushroom and onion and it was one size only, a large 18" Pie.

When I went in to pick up the pie the place was more of a slice joint with a case of premade cut up pies ready to reheat for the orders which came in. Our pie though was hot and fresh from the oven when we came in. Also in the case were garlic knots and they looked good so I added them to the order and the counter guy reheated them while we waited.

The Verdict. Salad was Fesh Greens and a tasty dressing but it is what has become standard fare in Socal. I told Dommy a salad which came from a East coast place would be mostly Iceberg Lettuce, raw onion, styrofoam tomatoes, Cukes with a pepperoncini and drowning in Italian dressing if you got the Antipasto add cold cuts to that mix.

The Garlic Knots had potential. They were drowning in garlic and olive oil and the bread was good but because I ordered last minute, they weren't fully reheated.

The Pizza looked good and smelled good on the car ride back. The crust was thin, strong and floppy but not crispy or as flavorful as I like. [My gold standard is the original Pizzeria Regina In Boston] There was a good amount of cheese though it as a little light on the other toppings. What set this Pizza apart for Dommy and I was the sauce. It had enough flavor and a little acid to cut through the rest of the Pizza.

I am glad they opened and are so close maybe I can get them to keep my pie in the oven a little longer.

Take Care

- P.

My top 4 LA thin crusts are:
Joe's Bleeker Street Santa Monica
Bollini's Pizzeria Napolitana

LaRocco's Pizzeria
3819 Main St, Culver City, CA 90232

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  1. P. -- Thanks for the heads up. A few questions:

    I'm assuming that the 18" pie was sliced into 8 pieces. With salad too, I'm thinking there were probably at least a couple left over?

    I doubt they deliver?

    How much for the 3-topping pizza?

    Have you tried the pizza at Victor Jr.'s? Do you like them? How did it compare? Yes, I know Victor Jr.'s is closed on weekends...

    Finally, how much $$$ did you grease the doorman???

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    1. re: nosh

      Heh... I was just doing the dishes when I heard P. peel over with laughter... so I had to come investigate.

      The a cheese pizza was $15.00 + 3 toppings at 1.75 each. Not a bad deal or such a big pie (and yes, it was 8 slices and no, in the middle of wedding invitation assembly there was no left over) And they do deliver.

      We haven't tried the pizza at victors, although we LOVE his chopped salad and the meatball sandwich hits the spot!

      Anyway, this and Okonomiyaki from a stand outside of Mitsuwa were our two big dinners for this weekend. So it's no wonder we are ignorant and appauled by the bribing habits of our fellow dining breathren... ;)


    2. Do you know if this one has any relation to the one on Main St in Huntington Beach? The one in HB also has garlic knots...can't recall about the salad though. I love that place~!

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      1. re: Dlish

        Not according to the Website. But you never know.

        1. re: Dlish

          Also a LaRocco's that sounds identical to this in San Clemente. I'm betting they are related.

          1. re: Itslikeimsayin

            Update: I was just in San Clemente yesterday and went to the LaRocco's there. In talking with the guys I have found out that the Huntington Beach, San Clemente and Culver City ones are all related.

            Love their specials: choose between any 2 slices and bottomless drink or 1 slice, house salad, and bottomless drink for $5.50.

            Also try their calzone....delicious and definitely big enough for two.

        2. Hmmmmm, now there's an interesting "project" for two! Congrats!
          Everyone on this board will want to know who's catering....

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          1. re: Ciao Bob

            In New England it's Irish Pub Fare... Corned Beef and Cabbage and the like... In L.A. it's Dim Sum!


            1. re: Dommy

              Yes - congrats! I always enjoy both of your posts - espec when they are close to CC. So are you doing carts for Dim Sum? Do Dim Sum restaurants actually cater out?

              1. re: CulverJack

                It is not carts and the place is surprised we are doing a "Banquet" of dim sum.

              2. re: Dommy

                Much congrats, as a born and raised Bostonian kickin' it in this no fried clam havin' palm tree infested culinary chaos you've both given me some good heads up over my time on the CH. Your combined Chow-ness only promises good things. And not for nothin', this pizza place sounds like it deserves at least a two-slice drive by by me and the SO!

                1. re: PinotPlease

                  Thanks for the Props. Post when you've tried it. I'd like to know what you think.

                  My next type of Pizza yearning out here is a House of "Greece" Pizza. For the uninitiated a lot of Immigrant Greeks opened these places called House of Pizza and they would have Pizza, subs and Gyros. When cooking the pizza, they would load the pan with Olive Oil so the crust would fry on the bottom.

                  Take care

                  - P.

            2. This sounds a lot like the LaRocco's in San Clemente. Are there a bunch of NY Yankee's and Frank Sinatra pictures on the wall? Being a NYC transplant, I'm always looking for "real pizza." NO, BBQ CHICKEN DOES NOT GO ON A PIZZA.

              Although not perfect, the LaRocco's in San Clemente offers a solid, reliable piece of pizza just like you'd buy on the corner in Manhattan.

              1. Try Slice of New York, on Main Street, in Old Town Seal Beach, just up from the pier. I'm born & bred in Brooklyn, and Slice of New York is the best I've found in California. Slice of New York Pizza
                142 Main St Ste B
                Seal Beach, CA 90740-7900
                Phone: (562) 493-4430

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                1. re: Atlas The Dog

                  I've heard of it, but never have a reason to go from Culver City. Next time I'm in the neighborhood I'll make an effort