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Jul 21, 2008 05:18 PM

Mahalabia recipe please

I recently went to a Middle Eastern restaurant and tried a dessert called mahalabia (sp?) and was wondering if anyone knows a good recipe. I've tried looking online but I would prefer it if someone could suggest a tried/true recipe. Thanks!

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  1. Is it like a pudding? White? You can buy a mix from a middle eastern store, I see them everywhere.

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    1. re: BamiaWruz

      It is! Thanks I'll look in to it the next time I'm in one. =)

    2. Heres a home made recipe for mahalabia:


      32 oz. whole milk
      2 Tbsp. corn starch or flour
      4 oz. sugar
      rose water (optional)
      sliced fresh fruit (optional)


      In a large pot heat 28oz of milk slowly on a very low flame. In the remaining milk add corn starch or flour and dissolve to thicken the pudding.When milk is hot add sugar, 4 drops of rose water (optional) and the remaining 4oz of milk and mix till pudding thickens. Serve in a small bowl hot or cold. When cold you can serve with fresh fruits.
      I love it cold if you dont want to use fresh fruit you could chopp up unsalted nutes like almonds or pistachios. I hope this is what you were looking for.

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      1. re: samoraelamora

        Thanks so much! I will definitely try this out when I have time! When I ate it, it was served with rose syrup and pistachios and I thought it was just so light and refreshingly delicious.

        1. re: samoraelamora

          That's very similar to my recipe! I serve it cold with fresh fruit and chopped toasted almonds or pistachios also!
          Sometimes I've had it with a thin fruity gelatin that is layered on top of the pudding and even with the cut up fruit pieces embedded in the gelatin.
          Any which way it's delicious!

          Oh and also you can use orange blossom water instead of rose (which is what I prefer over rose!)

          1. re: junglekitte

            I didn't even know they had orange blossom water. thanks! I bet I'd like it, I had an orange blossom flavoured gelato once and it was so delcious.

            1. re: lily.violet

              btw I just made another recipe of this the other night from Claudia Roden's "the new book of middle eastern food". i used low fat milk and 2/3 cup rice flour instead of the much smaller amount recommended in the recipe. came out great! :P