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Jul 21, 2008 04:29 PM

Old Canal Smoke House (Chillicothe, OH)

Any opinions (pro or con) on The Old Canal Smoke House in Chillicothe, OH? We're traveling from NC to (coincidentally) Chillicothe, IL in August and this seems like a good stopping point.

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  1. This guy reviewed it on his blog.

    Ugh, it sounds mediocre.

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    1. re: donw9876

      We had reservations at Atwood House B&B in Chillicothe and ate dinner at Old Canal in spite of the aforementioned review. Our dinners were outstanding! My wife had the lemon pepper sole, creamed corn and a salad. She thought the fish was wonderful, very tasty. She also liked the creamed corn so maligned in the review. I had the beef brisket/bbq chicken with green beans almondine and potato salad. Both of the smoked meats were tender and flavorful- the potato salad had sour cream in it and it was great! The beans were cooked perfectly w/little carrots in them.
      We were there on a Friday night (packed) but got a table on the covered patio rather quickly. Had a glass or two of wine and our cheerful server was there to take our order. She was very knowledgeable and efficient, considering the crowd. Check for the two of us- $64 w/tip.
      I don't know about the rest of you but it's a great thing to discover good food when you're we rerouted our return trip to stay at the Atwood House again and also dine at Old Canal. Needless to say it was excellent again!
      p.s. In addition to Atwood House being a pleasant and clean b&b, their breakfasts are world class! A dish of local blackberries and cream to start, oj and coffee of course, and a freshly prepared omelet w/herbs and sour cream, served with sausage patties, fried tomatoes and biscuits w/apple butter and we could barely walk to the car!
      So, fellow chowhounds, consider stopping in Chillicothe, OH at The Atwood House B&B and The Old Canal Smoke House for a great dining experience!

      1. re: jiminea

        Sounds great! Glad you liked it. We may try it. I posted the only review I could find - Yahoo and Tripadvisor had nothing.

        Now, Sumburger in Chillicothe is pretty cool, but it's not BBQ.

        1. re: jiminea

          I'm actually glad to hear someone had a good experience there. My original review was pretty much spot on for the day, and part of the problem could have been that they weren't busy enough, but the poor service and attitude of the owner when something was sent back were too much to take.

          With a decent experience like you had, we may try it again next time we're in the area, hoping to see improvement. I will say, however, that even the food that wasn't bad wasn't great, and the attitude of our waitress was horrible. I really hope, for the restaurant's sake, that she's no longer there. I've really never had a wait person talk to me or my wife like she did.

          Trust me, I would much rather have given them a good review before.