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Jul 21, 2008 04:29 PM

chez dumonet closed for august?

Does anyone know if Chez Dumonet is closed in August? I can't find a website or any info online. also, I've been wanting to go to Robert et Louise in the marais. Is that closed for August (again, no website...)


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  1. R & L will be closed. As will most small bistros; however some close for only three weeks. Don't rely solely on the guidebooks; when they reopen is often unpredictable at best.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      According to my Lebey restaurant guide (latest edition), Chez Dumonet is closed all of August.

      1. re: Dodo

        I concur Dodo, at least that has been my experience.

        1. re: PrestonRSF

          ok...I called and Chez Dumonet is open for August. couldn't reach Robert et Louise

    2. The best way to answer questions about summer hours is to call them. A quick search on will get you their number.

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        tmso, you mentioned in another thread there was a nice place for lunch around your neightborhood. i'm currently living in paris and would love to try it, can you send me an email at this username, at gmail dot com? thanks!