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Jul 21, 2008 03:57 PM

Recs for restaurant in west hollywod

Need recs for friends that are down from San Francisco and are staying in West hollywood.
Not too expensive, full bar, fun, blah blah blah. Not too sure on cuisine, needs to be good, but not looking for a michelin star. Not mexican, sushi, or itlaian. They have already had their fill of that the last couple of days. I know all of the bigger boys around, looking for ideas on something a little different.

Am I too vague.....?

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  1. I'm tempted to just throw out Comme Ca or Lucques, less that's what you meant by "bigger boys", so yeah, too vague

    1. Maybe The Hall at Palihouse. Cool space and the food is good.

        1. i always love the food at chaya brasserie off robertson (asian/continental fusion), cobras & matadors on Beverly near Fairfax (no other location), Grace (although probably a "big boy"), Ita Cho (Izakaya), Mastro's (steak, in Beverly Hills), Ortolan (French, nowhere near as popular as it should be)...ta da.

          1. Chateau Marmont restaurant which is very L.A.
            The Gordon Ramsay London Hotel which has mixed reviews but very L.A.
            Simon L.A at Sofitel, they have the coma inducing junk food dessert. mmmm
            Dolce and their newest Ketchup which I'm going to try in August.

            SF has great restaurants and do higher end very well so I think it is fun to do the over the top L.A. thing here rather than going for just great food and ambience.

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            1. re: Jolly

              honestly, ketchup is only good for very specific kinds of events. i took my 13 year old god daughter there for her birthday party. and one night we went there before clubbing with a group of friends when they first opened. but i wouldn't rec Ketchup to any foodie who is serious about their eats.

              1. re: lotta_cox

                Hmmm, maybe I won't try it. I hate wasting money on so so or mediocre or terrible food. Needless to say. BTW, I didn't rec ketchup and some others as great places for food but more for the experience since SF has great food and restaurants.

                1. re: Jolly

                  To me, the only thing good at Ketchup are the fries and 2 or maybe 3 of the 5 or 6 ketchups they give you. Even the freebie drink sampler from the drink cart wasn't very good. The only thing good at Dolce were the bartenders, not necessarily the drinks they made, just them.