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Jul 21, 2008 03:52 PM

DFW Reccos Near Grapevine?

We're at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine TX this week and would like a couple recommendations for dinner somewhere offsite, preferably within 10 miles or so. Primary consideration is excellent food which could be TexMex, any of the various Asian cuisnes (love em all), bbq (although we just hit Luling and Lockhart last month, so our standards are high :-), southwestern, etc. I'd be *REALLY* happy if someone recommended a place with a great wine list that was reasonably priced and featured local, seasonal ingredients. My idea of reasonable = less than $30 per entree, btw. We plan to eat at Ama Lur one night here at the complex; any specific reccos on not-to-be missed items from there? TIA!

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  1. Niki,

    Tough choices here. First off I won't recommend any wine choices b/c I don't drink wine. So I am sorry I couldn't help you out there. My places tend to be more foodie places (i.e. not a lot of great decor but very memorable food), so just a warning there! Adresses and phone numbers should be listed on the links below each rec.

    First Chinese BBQ (Carrollton) - CASH ONLY - (Skirts your 10 mile radius) If you want authentic Chinese (well as close as you can get). First Chinese BBQ in Carrollton is actually amongst a neighborhood of taquerias and Vietnamese. I have suggested this place many times but for a view of some of the dishes that either aren't on the menu or hard to find on it, I have left a review on Donna's blog (look at the comments). The roast duck or chicken are always good and they do have standard Americanized fare that is better than most. I usually skip all of that.

    Babe's (Roanoke) - Good for Chicken Fried Steak or even frid Chicken is Babe's in Roanoke (would be closer). You can't go wrong here, everything is really that good. Seems to be the place to go for an out-of-towner these days

    Tex-Mex...I will let you chose (some chains some not


    La Hacienda Ranch (local chain) - For great fajitas and salsa (ask for no salt on the chips as it gets overwhelming). Steaks and fajitas are big here but they also have a well rounded menu.

    El Pollo Regio (Irving) - For another unique local chain I really like El Pollo Regio just for a simple chile rubbed chicken over the charcoal grill, you get about 6-8 corn tortillas, 2 large halved onions that were grilled, some great charro beans and rice. A full chicken dinner might set you back $14 with tax included but able to fill up two very hungry adults. (I believe it is CASH ONLY

    ) - (the one in Irving would be the closest off Belt Line just south of Irving Mall

    Mi Patio (Lewisville) - For more Salvadoran with a bit of Mex mixed in....this is a very local place to me. Great papusas with house made curtido (actually cured in pineapple juice like it should be), great fried yucca with carnitas, and great Mexican fare too. The owner is really nice with a big heart and his son is running the place, good family restaurant.
    No reviews but I know it is good if not great. They have a papusa that is filled with a green (loroco) that is native to El Salvador and this is one of the few places I have seen it in the metroplex

    Temptations (Himalayan) (Irving) - Well I can't take all the credit but a friend and I spawned the review in this past weeks Dallas Morning News. Skip the Indian and Chinese....although the Indian here beats most of the area places. The gems are on the Himalayan side of the menu. Chicken Sekuwa is awesome and comes on a platter much like the picture in the Dallas Morning News review. The gundruk sinnky sadeko was chewy but in a good fibrous way and mixed with about every spice and root veggie in the kitchen it was a surprise! Also ask for more of the radish pickles...they are quite good

    Nuevo Leon (Farmers Branch) - is right on the border of your 10 mile cutoff from Grapevine. Good for more Mex-Mex than Tex Mex. I like the poblano soup and the green mole (eventhough it is not the authentic green mole from Oaxaca


    Pho Republic/Empire - Irving - For Vietnamese this place beats most in Irving (not a chance against places in Central Arlington and Garland). The Pho (typical) and the Bun Bo Hue (spicy soup loaded with all the meats and a few slices of blood cake) are good. I might have gone on a bad day but the Bahn Mi (sandwiches) were not up to my standards. (Webra knows her Asian cuisines


    Pho Pastuer II and Bahn Mi Ba Hue (Carrollton) - For the Vietnamese places in Carrollton close to First Chinese BBQ I would suggest Pho Pasteur II and Bahn Mi Ba Hue. Pho Pastuer recently remodeled and looks very nice and has kept up the consistency. Pho is always great, Bun Bo Hue (spicier than Pho, thicker noodles and a little bit of every meat and even blood cake) is good, Bun Cha Hanoi (small bowl of barbecued pork (and supposedly a pork patty) in a savory salty/sweet sauce and comes with a huge plate of greens, sprouts and bun (noodles)) is a new addition to the menu is good but not quite as good as other places say in Garland. Bahn Mi Ba Hue (maybe cash only) is purely a to go sandwich shop I believe they have about 5-6 meat options. If you buy 5 sandwiches at $2 a piece you get a sixth free. I liked the sausage and thit nuong (BBQed pork). - for Bahn Mi...has a mention of Ba Hue - more on bahn mi in Dallas

    Kasbah Grill (Irving) - This place is right close to the airport about 1/2 mile from the eastern entrance. This place is a contradiction in terms nestled right next to the Irving Fire Department Training Center, one of the largest mosques in the metroplex, and down the street from a Catholic church. This place really caters to our hard working taxi drivers. We have only one other place for Morrocan and I have heard it was decent. I really liked this place (don't expect much on decor as it was a former 7-11). The standouts were mint tea, any tangine dish, couscous, and the bastilla - a review here for Kasbah

    BBQ is going to be terrible so I would skip have been to Smitty's/Kreuz in have been to the no need. Should get you started...and I stayed in your 10 mile radius!!

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      Thanks, LH! I appreciate the detailed response. Wish I had more time to check out more of your reccos... We ate at Temptations last night and it was very, very good. It seemed to be run primarily by Nepali; my sister in law in Nepalese, and the momos tasted as good as hers do!

      1. re: Niki in Dayton

        No problem! It is my pleasure. Thanks for the post back about Temptations. Keep the post in mind if you decide to return some time to Dallas. Just let us know where you will be staying and we can keep you in your budget and radius!!