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Jul 21, 2008 03:48 PM

PDX wine country box lunch: recs?

not coming up with much in the search function, everything pre-dates 2005. my husband and i are visiting in a month or so and taking a day to wine taste and sight see in the willamette valley. can anyone recommend a yummy place to pick up wine country style box lunches? gras!

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  1. you might want to try and look for newberg, carlton, and dundee oregon. there are a variety of reviews although i didn't see anything about box lunches. if you are going to stay in portland and then head out to the wine country then i'd recommend elephants deli over in northwest. i think its on NW 21st. they will make you whatever you want. we ordered a Mediterranean basket and it was wonderful. good luck.

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      I use tripadvisor for hotels but have been burned several times by their restaurant recs.
      I would advise against Elephant's. It is overpriced and overrated. All marketing smoke & mirrors.
      Instead visit one of the many New Seasons grocery stores for some takeout.

      In Carlton is Horse Radish.
      Please report back. Have fun!

    2. In downtown McMinnville you've got a couple of options: Red Fox Bakery and Harvest Fresh are both good. Red Fox is known for their coconut macaroons and they have very good sandwiches on their own bread. Harvest Fresh is a small grocery store downtown which also has a good deli with a slightly more extensive menu (poach salmon, tamales, cold salads...). Other than that, you really don't have many options. I do believe Cornerstone Coffee Roasters on 99W in Newberg caters for some of the wine tour operators but I have never eaten there and have no idea how good (or bad) it is. Another option would be to stop in Dundee mid-tour to have lunch at Dundee Bistro next to the Ponzi wine bar. Have a great trip!

      1. thanks for the recs everyone. i should've been more clear that we wanted to pick up something in portland, to take with us to eat at one of the wineries. leonardo - new seasons market looks like it might just be the ticket. is it similar to southern california's whole foods markets?

        still doing my research on our portland lunches and dinners, need help weeding through my list. to be addressed in another post! thanks everyone! will definitely report back on our time in portland.

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          NS is like Whole Foods only better, IMHO.
          By the way: WF is everywhere.

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            Whole Foods or New Seasons are good choices, another thing you could do is go to Kenny and Zuke's deli and get stuff to go.

            Another way to go would be to go to City Market on NW 21st and have Viande make sandwiches for you (it's the butcher counter there, and they make awesome sandwiches - they even make/cure/smoke their own ham) and you could pick up other stuff there too such as cheese, cookies, salads, drinks, fruit, veggies. If you are nearby, this is what I would do.

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              I agree that New Seasons is fantastic. I guess my reservation would be that they are a little off the beaten path if you are heading out for a wine country trip. I am assuming that you're staying downtown Portland? Maybe hitting the one at Orenco Station and then heading to the valley through Forest Grove on Hwy 47 would work. Or you could hit the one on Division the night before after a dinner at Pok Pok and keep your lunch in the hotel fridge...

            2. we're staying in a condo on the river, mid point between the broadway bridge and steel bridge (on NW naito pkwy). not sure what's closest to us as of yet, gotta map some stuff out. winery list at this point is: adelsheim, four graces, penner-ash, elk cove and argyle... probably need to eliminate one of those, depending on location (again not mapped out yet). we really want to visit cardwell hill, but it seems pretty far removed from portland, out in philomath.

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                I suggest the NS on Interstate. While it may appear out of the way, it is "freeway close". I like your winery choices, but they sound a little far-flung.

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                  leonardo: far-flung as in spread out in respect to each other, or far-flung as in they're all trekking distance from pdx?

                  sgj: foster and dobb's looks intriguing too, thx for the suggestion... we want to have dinner in portland as we only have 3 nights to eat out and i'm trying to plan our dinners to cover the best of portland ;)

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                    In respect to each other. Going out to wine country, it's accepted as a given that it's a 50 minute drive to get out there. Good idea to take a circle 26 - 47 - 99W. Or I agree to skip Elk Cove, much as I like it; it's too far from the heart of Yamhill county, where you can concentrate your efforts to high reward.

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                  If you haven't already, check out the winery map at If you take my suggestion on going Hwy 47 through Forest Grove, you can start with Elk Cove, followed by Adelsheim, Penner-Ash, jump on 240 to Worden Hill Rd for the pretty drive (some gravel) to Dundee, turn left on 99W and hit Argyle and Four Graces from there. If you don't want to go through Forest Grove then I would probably skip Elk Cove all together. Philomath is going to be too far away.

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                    As with almost any wine country trip, one of the portable dashboard GPS's, pre-programmed with the winery addresses, will pay for itself in a day (in reducing frustration on what is to be a fun day, anyway.) Now available for about $150, once you try one you won't be without it on your next trip.

                3. Check out Foster and Dobb's on NE 15th. They have killer sandwiches to go along with great cheeses. Also Grand Central Bakeries does a good job with box lunches. You can look at both of these places on line. I was just down in Wine Country and ate dinner at both Cuvee and the Painted Lady, both highly recommended.