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Jul 21, 2008 03:28 PM

Dinner near the new Largo?

So we are headed to the new Largo this weekend to catch Flight of the Conchords (woo!) and the new-but-still-arcane Largo rules say that you need to arrive to get your tickets and seat assignments at 7, then come back at 9 for the show.

So that leaves us with a nice 2 hour hole to get dinner somewhere near the theater (which is at the old Coronet theater on La Cienega just north of Beverly). Any good suggestions in this area - we're not interested in trendy/clubby/bridge-and-tunnel-y stuff. Good food is the most important thing... thoughts?

(Vito's, while good, is probably too far on the low end of the scale, and Nobu probably too far on the other end...)

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  1. Luques around the corner. Closer to Nobu than Vito's, but definitely not trendy/clubby. Comme Ca across the street from Luques is another good option, though that's veering a little more toward the trendy.

    If you want something a little more middle-of-the-road, try Taste, just a few doors east on Melrose.

    1. When I've been there I just go to the small Vietnamese place about half a block south of the new Largo. Pho something? I haven't had the pho but the sandwiches and the bun are pretty decent. Don't get anything with shrimp. The vegetarian spring roll is better than the pork one.

      It's very small and very casual and a good price, not the best vietnamese but it's walkable so you don't have to repark your car (if you park in the garage to get your tickets you don't want to repark. If you park on the street, there's a good chance you'll get great parking around 7 but very little around 9).

      Also, although you think you have a good 2 hours, it actually ends up less than that as you wait for them to start handing out tickets -- depending on where in line you are it might be a little while and because if you go away and then come back there's also the problem finding parking which can take a while in that area. The garage is pretty limited in spaces, and the spots are definitely a tight squeeze.

      1. Sheeesh, I stopped going to the old Largo years ago (after attending nearly every Friday night of Jon Brion's first two years and lots of other once-in-a-lifetime shows) because of the horrible food one had to put up with and the dream-the-impossible-dream reservations or line-waiting. It saddened me greatly to miss so much amazing music but the owner really seems to thrive on making concert-going as difficult as possible for anyone who isn't a comedian, a musician or friend of one. I was hoping the new Largo would be different but -- if what you say is true - it seems not. That is classic Largo nuttiness.

        As for reasonable food: Yabu, Sushi Wa, Taste, Luques, Comme Ca, Melrose Bar and Grill, Bossa Nova, Hirozen, Mandarette, Jar, animal, Chameau are all handy to your locale.

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        1. re: Ciao Bob

          The new largo is (forgive the caps) A LOT easier now. since it's a lot bigger it harldy ever sells out and part of the reason why they hand out tickets at 7 is because they're not really tickets, just a post it with assigned seating. Or just checking off the list. Nowadays I just swing by for the show about 30 minutes before if it's not Flight of the Conchords type of show which would sell out the place.

          In any case, I just wanted to encourage the OP of the listed restaurants to find something quicker with somewhat brisk service.

          1. re: guseats

            I must admit I haven't tried it, your thoughts are encouraging, quseats. However, having paying customers show up at least two hours before the show to claim their ticket -- and then have to kill the time they could have spent elsewhere -- is a classic Flanagan-Shenanigan.

            At least there ARE plenty of good eating choices around. The OP didn't want trendy/sceney but with STK, Koi, Nobu's, Mark's, etc all around, as well as Absolutely PHObulous, Vito's and other bargains around, the location is quite accomodating to diners of all stripes. Sona, too!

        2. I like Ronin Izakaya (Japanese fusion) right across the street from Coronet.

          Ronin Izakaya Bistro
          359 N La Cienega Blvd
          West Hollywood, CA 90048
          Phone: (310) 289-8404

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          1. re: yinyangdi

            I was sad to see Ronin go; it closed around this time last year for "remodeling..." and never reopened. A few months ago, however, a new place opened up called Sushi on La Cienega. The itamae, Hiro, has a background in Washoku, sushi both Edomae and fusion, as well as French cooking. I prefer more traditional style sushi and Hiro has served excellent nigiri to me the few times I have eaten there pre-Largo. Also, SoLC now has its liquor license and offers a small selection of cold sake and draft beer (Sapporo & Asahi).

            Sushi on La Cienega
            359 N La Cienega Blvd
            West Hollywood, CA 90048
            (310) 855-0006
            Tue-Thu 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
            Fri-Sat 5:30 pm - 11 pm
            Sun 5 pm - 10 pm
            Closed Mondays

            Sushi on La Cienega
            359 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          2. Ronin sounds interesting and might be just the ticket - thanks for all the suggestions!

            This is indeed another "Flannagan Shenanagin" (!), but I much prefer it to the old "must endure the overpriced god-awful food in order to see the show" one!

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            1. re: heavymeta1

              I'm sitting at Ronin as I type this - totally based on the rec above. It's excellent, a very, very creative Izakaya (somen checca, tofu salad with olives). Try it. Thanks, guseats!!!

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                Ronin sounds great, (yinyangdi suggested it, though). I'll have to check it out when I go back.

                Ciao Bob / heavymeta1 - I totally agree that it's a Flannagan Shenanagin! I asked once about the food at the old place, and part of it was due to regulations, they needed to sell more food than drinks for their classification or something. Clearly, serving good food wasn't high on their list of priorities. But, other than Jon Brion, I'd say the Largo (either new or old) was the easiest for me concert wise. If it wasn't sold out, I'd just swing by last minute, get a drink, and settle back.

                Some New Largo tips, though - no bar in the main theater. Little Room is like Fairfax Largo - cash only, no reservations, has the bar, and is for the smaller names. For the Jon Brion show in June they said they would charge for the second Brion set of the evening, even though when I was there they didn't.

                And, technically no food in the main theater. So be sure to eat somewhere outside first.

                Also, thanks Ciao Bob for naming that Pho place! It was driving me crazy. Absolutely Phobulous is definitely more the quick, casual scene. I suspect Ronin offers more on ambience.

                1. re: guseats

                  Yikes, you are right. Sorry,yinyangdi!

                  Ronin was quite nice and I am looking forward to trying more there. It is nicer than Vito's (but very little is as good, IMO) and has more atmo than Ab-Pho .