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Jul 21, 2008 03:27 PM

ISO Montgomery Field Neighbourhood Gem in SD

I did a search for eateries near Montgomery Field and came up with 94th Aero Squadron. Is there anything else east of the 805, west of the 15, and north of the 8 that would be considered a neighborhood gem or chowish?

There's a handful of us getting together this weekend; a time certain has not yet been determined. Price points also not yet determined; so anything goes as long as we're constrained (not strictly) by the area.

I'm hoping that we're getting together for lunch so that I can hit Market in Del Mar or Kaito in Encinitas (yes, I did some research here) on the way back up to OC. Thank you!

EDIT: I've done dim sum on Convoy hitting the major 3 (China Max, Jasmine & Emerald), but it won't be in the cards for this visit. Otherwise, we're open to ethnic restaurants.

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  1. Pampas Argentine Grill is right by Montgomery Field, and we've always had good meals there. Check it out:

    1. Pampas by all means, however, if you're looking for cheaper and more casual, Casa Machado in the Montgomery Field complex is a reasonably decent and accomodating restaurant. Basic Mex food, good Margaritas and a full, lively bar along with a front seat view of the landing strip.

      1. phee & deckape, thank you. Since we're meeting @ lunch, Pampas wouldn't work. I love the Casa Machado idea; it looks like a good, cheap Sunday brunch. I'll see what the group says! =)

        1. If the other options don't pan out, Convoy is not that far away from Montgomery Field.