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Jul 21, 2008 03:08 PM

lunch near ucsf

wife and i will be at ucsf tuesday looking for good lunch spot

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  1. Which campus? There are several.

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    1. If you're talking Parnassus, people usually head down the hill to 9th/Irviing. Lots of stuff there, Hotai (Japanese), Howard's and Art's (greasy spoon diners), Park Chow...and a few more.

      1. YUMMY YUMMY vietnamese is one of my favorite in that area.
        i like PARK CHOW too, but i've mostly had dinner entrees there.

        there is a decent shawerma place on irging too [yumma].

        agree with above poster about serching for 9th and irving stuff.
        you can also search for COLE VALLEY and the UPPER HAIGHT
        is also within reach.

        arizmendi isnt as good as cheeseboard, but is somewhat interesting ... and cheep.

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          I love Arizmendi, but cheap? By whose standards?

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            Are you thinking of the same place? I would put Arizmendi on rock bottom cheap. What would be considered pricy there? Is there a thing over $5 or even near $5?

            1. re: rworange

              It's a bakery. It's the same prices as most any other bakery. Also, the fact that they sell many of their breads by the pound makes those breads quite expensive.

              A slice of pizza is $2.25, but that would be enough food only for the smallest of appetites.

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                Yeah, we disagree on this one. A slice of pizza does it for me with a drink for lunch. Arizmendi seems competative to me with any other bakery of its class. It is on equal footing if not less than Acme, Semi-Freddi, Grace or La Farine. It is less than Tartine. Of course if we are talking Safeway ... no ... even the bread prices are competative with Safeway. I mean, Arizmendi / Cheeseboard is one of my favorite places and the prices have never given me any pause. On the other hand I'd say it isn't exactly a comfortable place to grab a bite or a full meal.

        2. 9th & Irving. If it's a sunny day & you'd like to sit outside Cafe Gratitude raw food on 9th or Yumma middle eastern food on Irving both have lovely patios out back. Many places have to-go food, so if you're spending long hours at the center or hospital you can carry it back up the hill.

          1. I really like Pomelo, which is one of the closest restaurants to the campus. I usually get the Koh Samui, but there are other good things on the menu as well.


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              92 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122