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Jul 21, 2008 03:04 PM

Wedding at Avenue Le Club, Long Branch [moved from Tristate board]

My son and his fiancee fell in love with the Avenue. Love the hipness and view as well as the prospect of having the whole place for the reception off-season.
I'm the worried Mom. I've read some pretty disturbing reviews, some mixed, and a few good.
Have any of you attended receptions here? Updates on the food and service would be most welcome as well.

Thank you.

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  1. The place is absolutely beautiful and not a penny was spared in the construction of this oceanfront gem. Lunch is very good and it is a very cool and crowded spot for dinner and drinks. Until now, they have not dabbled in the wedding business, and I would be very nervous to be among the first to book. I've seen what looks like a sweet 16 and a christening-type event there, but never a wedding. The space upstairs is very chic, but is clearly not laid out for a wedding. Every bride prays for good weather on the day of their big event, but in this case what do you do if the prayers on not answered? The layout is so funky that the outside would most certainly come into play in getting everyone seated, or as a cocktail hour venue.
    I would be confident that the food would be quality fare, especially against some of the banquet halls in the area (Branches, Shadowbrook, Ocean Place). That space, though...
    Well, good luck!

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      this information is wrong.. avenue has been doing weddings for a while now and has atleast one every weekend in the summer. i would know i used to work them all. i never did work one that included the entire restaurant however. they are usually held upstairs with cheese and fruit platter with passed apps for cocktail hour.. then they usually set up a buffet with a carving station.

      but it will prob be very different if you are using the downstairs as well

      1. re: boodie1821

        Perhaps I misunderstood the initial posting. Avenue has a very popular club every weekend night. I am unaware of any nights where they have closed the upstairs for a wedding, certainly not once every weekend! Are you saying that they have these events in the public spaces, with other non-wedding guests also using the space? To me, that doesn't sound like a wedding. Also, how many people could they hold?
        Vibiaron, are you saying that the Avenue is going to close its doors, upstairs and down, to the public for this event? It is hard to imagine, and I know that hasn't happened yet!

        1. re: hotfoodhot

          My fiance and I used to live in Pier Village and looked at the Avenue for our wedding, not because of the food, but because of the beauty of the space itself.

          We were told for a weekend summer wedding that before per person costs were taken into consideration, we would need at least $75k in expenses to make it "worth it" for them to close the restaurant.

          Earlier poster is thus probably right about using upstairs...but since you are looking off season, maybe you will have better luck with pricing.

    2. For what its worth, NJ Monthly included Avenue in its current list of NJ's 25 Best restaurants. Say what you want about NJ Monthly's lists, there are some good to excellent restaurants included in the list.

      1. For what it's worth, I have to dissent about both the food and the service/attitude of the staff. I had mediocre, overpriced food there and so have several of my local friends.

        As for the service, let's start by saying it makes the overall experience much, much worse. The best word I can use to describe it is uncaring. And to think about allowing them to host such an important day is unthinkable.

        If you are looking into something in the upper price range, by all means at least compare Nicholas, as both the food and the service is worthy of a special event.

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        1. re: seal

          Thank you all for your help. The space just wouldn't work out - as some of you pointed out. We went to see it during a rainstorm on a Sunday and 150 people just wouldn't have fit. We had been offered both the upstairs and the downstairs on a Sunday out of season, which is the only reason we were interested. That offer seems to have been conveniently forgotten when we asked about it.
          We're going to book at McLoone's - not as hip, but you can't beat the 180 degree view of the ocean and beach, and that is what the bride and groom had their hearts set on.

            1. re: laxr12

              I always ponder...How is this place still in business? I notice the head chef is someone new, but the staff still thinks they are in "Miami" and unless you dress the part, they won't help, talk, greet, or offer you information of any kind.

              Sorry, but Long Branch NJ is NOT Miami, and yet so many people love this place. I have gotten into arguements with this idiots who work there...sorry..has to be said.....I am not going to have a 21 year old look me up and down and "decide" where I shall sit.

              The place is a complete nightmare. The staff really thinks they are "prettier than you" and refuse to treat you right.

              So sad!

              1. re: Angelina

                I posted about this but it got deleted about a week ago, i have NO IDEA how this place made the top 25 restaurants in NJ Monthly. Whatever credibility that magazine had, has been lost.

                I'm putting all the "benny" stuff aside, the FOOD is HORRIBLE. The famous lobster roll? horrible.

                1. re: RPMcMurphy

                  Agree 100% RPM! I really wanted that lobster roll to be good, but instead, too much mayo, NOT enough lobster and more brioche than lobster.

              2. re: equal_Mark

                I went for the first time two weeks ago with girlfriends...Had a seven-thirty reservation but were not seated until 8:30...There were four of us and we each went up to the hostess at least once to check in and see what the deal was, then we were told by the manager that we never checked in!!! The place was EMPTY and they tried to make us sit at a round eight top. When we requested a smaller four top, the hostess had to go check to see if it was allowed!! Terrible service, never to return again...And no, we were not in MIami but for our monthly girls night out, we do like to dress the part ;) didn't matter, though.

                1. re: MichelleM131

                  Miami girls night out in NJ? Where do I sign up?