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Jul 21, 2008 03:04 PM

Farmers' Mkts, CSAs & Farm stands- July 21st

Another week of wonderful local food!

We had corn from Stillman's stand on Friday and it was good. Certainly not the best of the season but a nice early intro.

I also tried the special baguette with rye added to it from Hardwick Center Cooking School and Bakery and we really liked it and will buy it when they have it.

The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers' Markets website is back up and working.

Here is the other one with a wider scope of CSAs and stands.

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  1. I got some great things at the Central Square Farmers' Market. I ended up picking up some nice peaches from Kimball Farm along with some arugula and something I'd never tried before. The woman said it was sort of like a spinach and that you could saute it w/ garlic and olive oil. It had a funny name and I can't remember for the life of me what it was. I bet if someone said it I'd know. It almost resembled collard greens or something to that effect. Anyhow, I made a soup with it along w/ some veggie stock I made last week, diced tomatoes, onions, pasta and garlic. I sprinkled some parm cheese on top. MMMM!!! So good!! Tomorrow I'll saute the rest to serve w/ ravioli. I forget the name of the other farm stands I went to at Central Square, but I bought a big bunch of scallions, zucchini, summer squash, beets, green peppers, green beans and tomatoes. I would have loved to get something at the meat stand, but unfortunately, the prices are a bit high for my budget right now. Maybe after I move into my new place, I'll splurge and get something there to make for dinner.

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      Was it amaranth? We're getting from a CSA every week and we LOVE it. Never had it before this year. It's a green, that's not bitter at all, almost tastes like asparagus.

    2. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. How is the Fish Lady in Brookline w/ regard to prices and what types of fish does she typically carry? I've mentioned before on the board, but I'm moving to Coolidge Corner in Brookline and everyone keeps telling me the Fish Lady is awesome. Any info is appreciated.

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        I don't know if this is okay but here are the details from last week's email from her
        "Weekly Reminder for pre-ordering FRESH FISH for Thursday Farmers Market. Please e-mail by 6:00 AM on Thursday morning, (I do not have access to a computer after 6:00AM-please do not cancel or change orders.

        Bluefin Tuna………………………….15.00/LB
        Native Halibut………………………..16.00/LB
        New Bedford Sea Scallops…………15.00/LB
        Native Skinless Haddock……………11.00/LB
        Native Skinless Cod …………………11.00/LB
        Maine farm-raised Salmon…………..10.00/LB
        Wild Sockeye Salmon………………. 15.00/LB
        Native Haddock (skin on)………..……10.00/LB
        Blue Fish (Native)……………………… 8.00/LB
        Maine Crab meat……………………….11.00/8 oz. container-fresh not canned
        Native Flounder………………………...12.00/LB

        The fish is available in 1/2,3/4,1, 1-1/2 LB increments or above…please let me know if you want slightly under or over the specified weight-cutting fish is sometimes not exact-I will do my best to cut accurately. Please include a phone number with your order. This fish is caught fresh daily, and therefore I would like to contact you if your request can not be fulfilled. This is unlikely, but would give you a chance to change your order. Thank you for your patronage and please forward to "fish-loving" friends.

        I will be also be selling Fresh Clam chowder The FRESH chowder is available every week…..
        Clam chowder for $37.00/bag (each bag is 8 LBS or 16 cups - fills a large crock pot). I can split the bags- each 4 LBs or 8 cups for $18.50.(this fresh chowder has a 2 week dating-fresh if kept in the refrig.)"

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          Thanks, Boston Zest!! Also, I was reading Gourmet last night and found out the name of the veggie I was asking about above. Callaloo!!!

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   many do you get onto the Fish Lady's mailing list? I haven't made it to the Brookline Farmer's Market yet, but will after Aug. 1 for sure.

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              She'll gladly sign you up at her stand at the farmer's market - she keeps a written list there. Or email me at the address on my profile page and I'll forward her email to you - you can contact her from that and ask her to add you.

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                She collects email addresses at her stand but if you contact me through the site listerd in my profile and I'll forward her email to you until you sign up. I don't want to post her email without her permission.

                My email contact is on the right hand side of near the top.

          2. I headed to the Newton Farmer's Market today. It was pretty crowded and parking was, as always, kind of stressful. I will bike next time.

            I picked up some london broil and lean ground beef from River Rock Farm. We marinated and grilled the london broil tonight, and it was quite tasty.

            I also bought some string beans and corn, both of which we enjoyed tonight (I forget which stand they were from), and a few peaches - the vendor warned me that they are just the "first of the season," but the one I had wasn't bad.

            Has anyone purchased from the turkey stand? I didn't have time to look at it closely, but I saw turkey pies and turkey sausage on their menu... do they also sell whole birds?

            I wish this market had a better selection of bread. It seems that the only two bakeries that show up on a regular basis are Big Sky/ Panorama (which I don't think is that good), and Breadsong, which is quite expensive ($3.25 for a small baguette, if I recall correctly)

            1. Waltham farms tuesday pickup - 4 cukes, 2 heads lettuce, 3 lbs summer squash, 1 bunch carrots, 6 bulbs fresh garlic, 2 eggplant, 6 ears corn, 1lb tomatos. PYO - all the green and yellow beans you want, various basils, cilantro, parsley, a few hot peppers.

              1. I went to the Harvard Square Farmer's Market and enjoyed some great prepared foods (Shootingfly Hill's salty butterscotch sauce; Taza chocolate; Fioro di Nonna mozzarella) and fabulous pumpkin greens from the Flat Mentor's farm stand. (You can read more and see pics on my blog: The cucumbers from the Dover CSA were particularly crisp and the carrots were quite sweet this week.The cherry tomatoes from Kimballs (at the Newton Market) were as delicious as ever-super sweet.