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Jul 21, 2008 02:51 PM

Having Cocktail Party - Need Hors d'oeuvres Recommendations

Hi All -

My finance and I are having a cocktail party to celebrate our recent engagement. Does anyone have any good recommendations for restaurants, gourmet stores or catering places that I can order tasty but reasonable hor d'oeuvres from??? I've ordered from City Bakery in the recent past but wasn't overly impressed with the platters I got.


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  1. FreshDirect is what we use for work - definitely inexpensive and convenient.

    1. I think Murray's Cheese does a lot of prepared foods now, and I've really enjoyed everything I've ever had from them. Also, if you're willing to heat up, check out the frozen hors d'oeuvres from Fresh Direct.


      1. I'd suggest looking into William Poll or Mitchell London (sp?) ... expensive, but very nicely done.

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          Just thought of another one - Yura. I went to a bookstore anniversary party to which she had donated the canapes and was really impressed.

        2. I would go to todaro brothers on 2nd avenue (31st)...FANTASTIC!

          Todaro Brothers
          555 2nd Ave
          (212) 532-0633

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