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Jul 21, 2008 02:40 PM

Food/drink shopping in Malibu, NYC hounds need help!

We are renting a house for a few weeks in August on the PCH, closer in to town (address is in the low 19000's). Have some basic familiarity with the area but we're certainly not experts. We are planning to cook/grill a fair amount, but nothing overly elaborate, just simple and fresh. Need some advice on where to buy excellent steak, fish, seafood ... and while we're at it, may as well give me fruits and veggies, too. Was told Malibu Village Wines is excellent for unusual and smaller wineries that we can't find in NYC, would appreciate some comments on that and any other recommendations for things like a great cheese store, bakery ... you get my drift. Don't make me buy steak in the supermarket!!!! Happy to drive around 20 minutes to forage for supplies but please don't send me much further than that unless it truly is worth it.

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  1. I think the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market on Sunday mornings, and just a bit farther, the great Santa Monica Farmers Markets, especially Wednesday mornings, would be great places for you to explore.

    1. On Wendsday and Saturday's there is a great Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. It's on Arizona street between 2nd & 3rd.

      Here's some more information on it:

      For steaks, your best bet is Costco, nearest one to you is on Lindero Canyon in Westlake Village (about a 30 minute drive but worth it).

      1. For seafood, there's Malibu Seafood and fish market. You may want to try PC Greens for produce and meat, but you're only about 10 minutes from Gelson's in Pacific Palisades, which I think offers consistent quality prime meats. You can get fish, meat, cheeses and bread, in addition to produce, at the Wednesday and Saturday Santa Monica farmer's market.

        1. Actually, you can buy very good steaks at the HOWS supermarket: all their beef is Prime or Choice, and they offer some unbelievable deals. I know there's one in Malibu, but not sure how close it is to where you'll be staying.

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            How's is at the other end of Malibu, which is 27 miles long. Pacific Palisades and Gelson's will be much more convenient for shopping from the 19000 block of PCH.

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              Yeah, I'm totally unfamiliar w/that part of the world. But it's also worth mentioning that Gelson's sells good beef too (again, choice & prime), albeit at a higher price than HOWS, so the OP could do a lot worse than buying meat at a supermarket, if that market is Gelson's.

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                Another BIG recommendation for How's. Check their website or call the store -- they often have preferred cuts of prime steaks (ribeyes, porterhouses) for less than $10 per pound. Also, on weekdays when much of Malibu is driving towards Santa Monica in the mornings and up the coast in the afternoons, going the opposite way is fast and easy. (Note, all bets are off on weekends -- stock up so you don't have to fight beach traffic then.) When their prime beef is on sale, How's is well under half the price of Gelson's.

            2. You can get Harris Ranch meats at Pacific Coast Greens, and pretty good organic produce there too, if you don't want to go to Santa Monica Farmer's market for produce. The freshest seafood is at SM farmer's market, but alternatives would be Malibu Seafood or Santa Monica seafood. Malibu Village wines is good for wine.