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Jul 21, 2008 02:21 PM

Italian Sausage and Peppers

Ok I have a craving, where is the best Italian sausage and peppers in the Boston area? Bonus points for a sweet and hot mix.

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  1. The Sausage Guy - you can find him on Lansdowne St on game days (and probably other places around town as well). No hot peppers, but still delicious.

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      Sorry I should have been more specific, I'm thinking more like a dinner with a tasty red sauce than a sub but thanks for the recco.

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        Can't really help you there. I really like the "Rigatonni Salsiccia e Ricotta" at Antico Forno, but while it has the sausage and the red sauce, it lacks the peppers.

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          Any place that has sausage cacciatore will make it spicy for you if you ask. Galerria 33 has a nice version.

    2. If you don't mind driving to Weymouth, the "Venetian" in Jackson Sq., has several sausage plate options. All different pepper options, or with red sauce, or with vinegar peppers, or with saute'd peppers. You name it. A littel red wine, some of their nice crusty Italian bread, spiced up olive oil for dipping. And don't forget the delicious antipasto. You'll be shocked how cheap the check is. Did I mention the sausages are very good.

      1. Vinnies in Somerville serves an excellent home made Italian sausage dinner. They also serve a double cut pork chop cooked in a vinagar base with pickled peppers, yum!

        1. The Venetian is just the type of place I'm lookig for. Thanks Coco Dan!

          I noticed they have Tripe too, I may have to release my inner Andrew Zimmern and give that a shot.