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Jul 21, 2008 02:20 PM

rare date opportunity- fatty crab, spotted pig, marllow and sons?

Hi all-

The arrival of my baby 11 months ago has forced me away from the lovely restaurants of this city and this board too, I am afraid. So with my mother in law in town, and an offer to sit so we can go eat, I am trying to choose a place that: a) would live up to the expectations, given the rarity of the occasion; b) isn't incredibly expensive (I still have to pay the nanny); c) isn't part of restaurant week, as we won't get in this Thursday. I have never been to Fatty Crab, Spotted Pig and -I know, Brooklyn board, but what can you do?- Marllow. Any opinions on one above the others? Or any other suggestions? Looking for some incredible food, but also a fun place. Please, chowhounds, guide this out-of-date mother!

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  1. I have to say I wouldn't go out of my way for Marlow and Sons. I went three weeks ago to try it finally after seeing it listed many places and hearing all about it. It was good for what it was. A wine, oysters and panini. If you are in Brooklyn it's a nice cute spot to grab some oysters but not necessarily woth it if you're not in the are. Don't get me wrong its good and cute but if I had one overdue night out I wouldn't choose there.

    Why not Fatty Crab or Spotted Pig? Spotted Pig doesn't take reservations so depending on when you go you might have to wait a little bit at the bar. What type of food are you wanting? Do you drink?

    1. If you don't mind waiting (as NsAlyp said, depending on the time), then I would do Spotted Pig. It's a cool place where you will have good food and ambiance.

      1. I haven't been to Fatty Crab, but I went to the Spotted Pig on a date night with my hubby and we had a great time. We went kinda early on a Friday--6ish--and only had to wait 30 mins. Plus we had drinks at the bar and the neighborhood is great to walk in after the meal. Enjoy!

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          I agree with MsAlyp. Both Fatty Crab and Spotted Pig have good food, but Fatty Crab is small and a bit cramped and might not be nice to linger in for your long-awaited date. It really depends if you want regular gastropub grub or interesting Malaysian stuff you can't find elsewhere.

          They are close to each other--why not check out Fatty Crab & if you don't like the scene, go wait with your wine at Spotted Pig? (not sure if FC takes reservations; that might affect your choice.)

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            Try spotted pig, its probably my favorite bar in NY and it has very solid food (love the burger and fries, gnuddi is good as well). The only thing is that i dont believe they take reservations and the waits can be rough especially on thurs-sat, if u get there before 8 you should be fine. I actually had dinner there last night and it was good as always (took me about 45 mins to get a table though as I showed up a bit later than i shouldve)...if u have a chance grab a glass of wine at Turks and Frogs down the street, its a very cool wine bar that I go to often

            I'm not a huge fan of Fatty Crab, I think its way overrated although it maybe a function of people don't know what its supposed to taste like...its not bad per se, but i disappointed, check out my review: