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Jul 21, 2008 02:20 PM

ISO Good Food - equidistant between West LA and Santa Ana

Meeting a friend for dinner around 7:30 during the week ---- any good recs for good food about half-way between us.

Any sort of food suggestions welcome --- mid to expensive price range.


As Nicole points out:

""Equidistant" and "equi-commute time" between OC and West LA are 2 different things,"

I meant equi-commute time. Thanks.

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  1. "Equidistant" and "equi-commute time" between OC and West LA are 2 different things, since the traffic is so much worse up in L.A. I would recommend sticking to places in the vicinity of the 405 in will probably take you both about 50 minutes to get there, although it's closer to West L.A. I think Christine in Torrance would fit the bill. Good food, good service, and I think a good location for your needs. But you might want to do some searches for particular neighborhoods in your geographic range.