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Jul 21, 2008 02:17 PM

Port Clyde-Tenants Harbor

Any current reports on Dip Net,Cod End and the rest of the standards in the area.We will be arriving in the evening on a Sat. and would like a decent meal without having to wait on line.The last couple of years we ended up at the Sul Mare but the responses on this board indicated it was not a favorite of the local hounds.Thanks.

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  1. Hi BusbyB,

    I lived in Port for years, now I am in Rockland, but I have never had anything but amazing food at the Dip Net. It is so much more than a typical seafood shack. Whatever you do, avoid the Harpoon at all costs, the food is horrible. It is still wicked fun for drinks though! Cod End is alright, but DipNet really shines again this year, same chefs, same owner, same servers, so you know it is consistently great. Have fun!

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    1. re: aynne35

      While I can't say that every meal I've had at the Dip Net was amazing, the one I had there last weekend certainly was.
      mmmmm.....I'm hungry just thinking about it....

      1. re: aynne35

        Hi Aynne,Looks like the Dip Net and cocktails afterwards at the Harpoon! Is there a band or dancing there on Sat.nights?Thanks!!!

        1. re: BusbyB

          No such luck on bands or dancing down that way...just a lot of locals and a lot of adult beverage intake. Have fun!

          Cassoulet I ate at the DipNet last weekend too....hmmmm ;)

        2. re: aynne35

          Any update on the status of Dip Net? The web address indicated their lease was not renewed.

          1. re: Peznt

            Closed for good. Linda Bean (of LL Bean family) exercised her right to operate her own lobster/seafood restaurant on the premises of the Dip Net, which is her property.

            1. re: Shooley

              That is so sad! We're arriving on Saturday and that was going to be our first stop.

              I'd like to extend my thanks to the owners and staff for many years of memories. I hope they find another location and open again soon!

              1. re: crawfish

                The Dip Net is *not* closed. I ate there last night, packed. It is just not managed by Scott now. It is very much open.