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vegan and or vegetarian in the city

My daughter and I are coming this week and she's vegan. Any suggestions for places to eat?
When we visit we usually go Indian...

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  1. Candle 79 on 79th and 3rd is a nice place. Nice, classic atmosphere. They call it 'upscale vegan' but that just means there's no patchouli and it looks like a normal restaurant.

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      I know lots of people like Candle 79 but I frankly just don't get it. My husband and I went with a friend and shared a number of dishes. All were pretty and also pretty tasteless. My entree was some sort of tofu and it tasted like tofu right out of the package (or water). And it is expensive for what it is. I love good vegetarian but the popularity of this place baffles me. I haven't been, but I have heard good things about Red Bamboo.

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        i would check out candle cafe. it is the sister restaurant to candle 79 (never been to 79) I've been to cafe and really enjoyed it.

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        Gobo on 3rd Ave. and 81st street is good

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          I second Candle 79- I still daydream about their seitan piccata. Also second Pure Food and Wine- get the tasting menu.

        2. Indian is a great choice. I love Saravannas for south Indian food on 26th and Lex.

          Also, I recently ate at Gobo, which gets consistently positive reviews on this board, and thought it was decent, especially for vegan cuisine.

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            I haven't been to Saravannas, but I sent my vegetarian sister there based on recs on the board. Not only did she love it, but her meat-eating boyfriend did too.

          2. I love Caravan of Dreams, and I'm a carnivore. Go for the pesto pasta appetizer, then go for the Santa Maria stirfry. http://www.caravanofdreams.net/

            1. I love Red Bamboo on W 4th Street (between 6th ave and MacDougal) and it's sister Vegetarian Paradise 2 (next door). Red Bamboo is fried & soul food yummyness. VP2 is more Asian themed.

              1. If you're still interested in Indian, you might try Saravanas. I haven't been, but my sister the vegetarian loved it, and her boyfriend (not a vegetarian) said he'd happily skip the meat to go back.

                1. Saravanaas is terrific. I also had a pleasant experience at Franchia.

                  81 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

                  12 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016

                  1. Hangawi is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant, and I believe there are lots of options for vegans. It's Korean.

                    1. i'm going this week to Pure Food and Wine for the first time, so I can't give you a review but you might want to look it up as a possibility for atmosphere as well as the (pricey) menu.

                      1. I hate just about all the vegetarian restaurants in the city except Pure Food and Wine; their lasagna and caesar salad is good.

                        I can't eat at Red Bamboo, it's some of the most greasy awful over-sweetened food I've eaten.

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                          Have you tried Hangawi? Neither my husband nor I are vegetarians, and always enjoy it.

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                            I've also enjoyed Hangawi a lot, but I want to say that I eat a primarily vegetarian diet, and I'm not sure I feel all that qualified to recommend vegan food to a vegan. I think vegans and vegetarians are the best judges of those cuisines, not meat eaters, who often think that if a vegetarian dish appeals to them, it surely will appeal to a vegetarian. It may be just the opposite! It's funny, but I think if someone posted asking for recommendations to an Argentine restaurant, the testimonials of vegetarians would be given lesser, not added weight by carnivores.

                            Cybermom, I think there are vegan and vegetarian reviewers on the web. Your daughter might want to check those out and menus for these restaurants as well and see what appeals.

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                              Excellent point - probably beyond the scope of this board for me to go into it further, but I will say that we go with vegetarian/vegan friends from out of town to Hangawi, and they have loved it as well. They also enjoyed Candle Cafe and Candle 79 (I went to the latter and liked my meal there as well).

                        2. I love Pure Food and Wine.
                          A good friend of mine is a strict vegan. Check out this site:
                          It lists places that are strictly vegan and those that are not even veg, but have vegan options. Great resource.

                          1. All of these suggestions are great (yet I agree about Red Bamboo being a grease bomb), and I'd like to add the following (all of which can be found via google):

                            Blossom (similar to Candle 79)
                            Kate's Joint (downtown dive with a fun/cheap menu)
                            Sacred Chow (great for brunch)
                            Curly's (another good brunch choice, but it's TINY so get there when they first open)
                            Vegetarian Dim Sum House (great vegetarian dim sum in Chinatown)
                            Angelica Kitchen (a bit healthy, but the corn bread & hummus are sick)
                            Blockheads (Mex with good veg/tofu options)
                            Dojo's (the cheapest soy burger dinner deal in town)
                            sNice (sandwiches, cupcakes, fun)
                            Zen Burger (veg fast food in midtown)

                            And if you feel like venturing out...

                            V-Spot (greasy but not horrible)
                            Pizza Plus (vegan pizza in Park Slope)
                            Taco Chulo (Mex with good veg/tofu options)
                            Foodswings (another grease bomb, but it's all about the buffalo wings)

                            Veggie Castle II (vegan soul food worth the schlep)
                            Happy Buddha (veg Chinese in Flushing)
                            Oneness Fountain Heart (good veg in the middle of nowhere)

                            In addition to supervegan.com, there's also happycow.com and veganfriendly.com.


                            1. Hi cypermome1207, you're probably here already so I am a bit late. I work in Midtown and I'm vegan so I will gladly recommend the following places that are really good (and have non-vegan and non-vegetarian options):
                              Bali Nusa Indah (Indonesian) between 45th and 46th St and 9th Avenue
                              Ellyssa (small table so do takeout, Middle Eastern) 49th and 9th Avenue
                              Chili Thai 49th and 9th Avenue
                              Zenith (has Asahi, a sushi place attached but there are separate kitchens): Asian vegetarian on 48th and 8th Avenue
                              Saigon 48 (Vietnamese) on 48th between Broadway and 8th. Caution--be very specific as they use chicken broth in their sauces. Otherwise, fast service, cute atmosphere and big portions.
                              Zen Palate (vegan) between 45th and 9th Avenue
                              Hope you both enjoy your visit.

                              1. One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants is Tiffin Wallah on 28th between Park and Lex. It is an Indian restaurant and at lunchtime they have a $7 buffet, which is delicious! I have been about 5 times now and have yet to eat something I didn't enjoy!

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                                  Gobo in the village on 6th Avenue. It is vegan and I was dreading going there the first time because I am not a vegetarian, BUT I loved it and it is now one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Delicious!