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Jul 21, 2008 01:50 PM


I have recently been introduced to the wonderful world of steamers, and I am hooked! Where can I get a good bucket of steamers, in Boston or north? Does anyone know if Moulton's in Medford has them? Thanks all!

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  1. We just had some wonderful steamers in Maine but that report will be for the New England Board.

    Around here, we always order them at Jake's in Hull. I know that's south of Boston, but a comprehensive list would be great.

    1. While you wait for destination-worthy answers, I would suggest calling your local grocery with a decent fish counter or your local fish market.

      I would pick up a couple of pounds, soak briefly to remove grit, steam in a small amount of water until the shells open and the clams pull away a bit, stir, taste for doneness and chow down as is, with melted butter, or anything else to taste.

      The broth is excellent for swishing out any more grit, and is drinkable on its own. Fresh steamer clams from local fish counters can be very good, and provide an easy and delicious quick fix.

      If you mention your Boston-area location you should get some good local recommendations for cooking at home or eating out.

      Whatever you decide, call ahead.

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        Second to chowfamily, steamers are one of those things that are best at home. They are incredibly easy to steam - just don't over steam them as they get mushy - about 10-12 minutes should do it.
        Also, make sure they are fresh. I got some from Market Basket last week and they were old and mushy, not "bad" but not sweet.
        Once you have mastered steamers it is a quick jump to mussels which are also wonderful and addictive.
        And make sure you have plenty of cold beer!

        1. re: powerfulpierre

          10-15 minutes?
          should be more like 5-8 minutes or until they just start to open.
          but that's me, better undercooked than tough and over-cooked imo.

      2. Halfway Cafe has been a go to place for steamers for many years. I know it's not the original owners, but they are still good. Add a sprinkle of cornmeal to the soak and a little onion to the above recipe.

        1. steamers are one of the things i will order at Summer Shack, excellent.

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            As a great variation I'm also very fond of their grilled clams with garlic butter.

          2. Turner's in Melrose has great steamers.