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Jul 21, 2008 01:44 PM

OZ Chophouse

After reading comments about Greystone Grill (haven't been there as yet), was wondering if anyone has been to the OZ Chophouse in Fulton?

Saw their menu on their website and it's looks quite standard in the steakhouse genre, but Ilike to try all of the steakhouses to make a comparison and get out of a rut.

Not sure where Fulton is located, but I did Mapquest and it doesn't seem to be too far off the beaten path, especially if it is food worthy. FoiGras

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  1. i went last night and i was pleasantly surprised. the place has a nice ambience and the food was pretty good. I got the restaurant week menu which was a pretty good deal, huge bowl of tasty crab soup to start, my only complaint is that it may have been a little salty, but i enjoyed it very much. and for my entree i had the bacon wraped filet w/ gorgonzola and roasted red peppers. i t was a nice sized steak, cooked perfectly and very tasty. The service was pleasant as well. i wouldnt go out of my way to go there again, but its definitely a good option to know about.

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      You mention their Restaurant Week menu -- which city's RW are they particpating in?

    2. We've been twice. Both times it was pretty good. It's not mind blowingly good or anything close but it's a solid meal for the price. It has your standard steak house I said nothing very original or anything like that but if you are in the mood for a good steak and solid sides it works. The dress is casual. When we went it was during the week. The place wasn't very busy and our service was fine so I can't speak of how service is when it is busy.

      It's in the same little mall area that Trapeze and Ranazul( sp?) are in. We've also been pleasantly happy with Trapeze but haven't been in over a year. Never been to the other place.

      1. I have had 2 solid steakhouse experiences there. Enjoy!

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