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Jul 21, 2008 01:35 PM

Where to eat in Bali - Manggis and Seminyak?

I am going to be staying at the Alila Manggis in East Bali and in Seminyak.

Can anyone recommend good places to eat in those areas?

I am looking for good Balinese and Indonesian food. I don't want to do any fine dining because I live in New York City. I'd appreciate any great, down home, hole in the wall, street food, local recommendations.

I did hear it is worth taking a trip to Jimbaran Bay so that is definitely on my list.


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  1. Get a cab to Ubud and go to Ibu Ocha ( not sure of the spelling)...roast suckling pig...get there early for lunch 12.00ish....crackle and meat and rice $ meal of our trip.
    We struggled for "good local food" in Semiyak.

    1. Jimbaran Bay seafood is excellent, but you have to be careful in which one to choose. We've been there 5 times. 3 of those times were wonderful, but the other 2 was just very below average. Ask your taxi driver which one he recommends. Ibu Oka is excellent and is often regarded as "the best" but its a bit of a long drive and have to get there quite early because it sells out pretty fast (even though the sell about 3 pigs a day!) . Get on a scooter and go there and enjoy the journey if you're really keen to get "the best". Nevertheless, some babi guling in Seminyak are excellent. Just look for the really shoddy places ;)

      1. in Ubud Ibu Oka is fantastic, make sure you get some of the lawar (blood sausage) . Janet DeNeefe and her husband Katut run two fine restaurants there as well, Casa Luna and Indus. They run a fantastic B+B as well, with amazing breakfasts delivered from the restaurant every morning. Jimbarian Bay is quite often sub par and WAY overpriced. BTW Janet also does a great cooking school on site, I took two classes and learned a lot about classic Balinese dishes.

        1. If you can find your way down to Tanjung Benoa, Bumbu Bali is a terrific restaurant serving traditional Balinese cuisine. It's been a couple years since we went there (twice in 4 days) but I still remember the Roast Duck in Banana Leaf, a shredded chicken salad and the Sates. This isn’t a hole in the wall type place but I don't think you would be disappointed.