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Jul 21, 2008 01:31 PM


It took us three trys - on three separate evenings - to get a parking space near this restaurant in Silver Spring/Langley Park, but it was really worth it! The food was great. We splurged for the "good" tequila in our margaritas. Had two of the daily specials: an appetizer of chicken, peppers, onions smothered in jack cheese and a shrimp/cabbage/mango dish for an entree that was very well prepared. The service was good and the staff more than welcoming. I am so glad we persisted!

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  1. We gave up going to Samantha's because of the parking situation. A random comment on this board a while back let me know that the same family runs a second place off Layhill Road where parking is easy--Azucar. I actually like it better because the interior seems a bit more upscale and the food is just as good.

    1. The food really stands out. Since I am in Arlington, I don't find my way up there as much as I would like.

      1. Great restaurant! I'm in the same boat as Steve; now in Arlington, miss it a lot.

        1. I also agree that Azucar is wonderful and in a better location with shopping center parking. The whole flash fried fish infused with garlic is a great dish. The ceviche also is very good.