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Jul 21, 2008 11:36 AM

Piedmont brunch - Durham

I'm going to be in Durham next Sunday about brunch time and was thinking of going to Piedmont. I'm not a brunch-y type person but I'm really liking the looks of their lunch menu. Do they serve the regular lunch menu during "brunch" and, if not, how is their brunch anyway?

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  1. Brunch at Piedmont is simply great. I go at least a few times every month. They don't serve the lunch menu during brunch, but they do include some lunch items on their brunch menu like chicken salad, pork chops, green salads, etc.

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      I'm generally a big fan of brunch so should probably try it at Piedmont! Are the prices somewhat similar to those on the lunch menu? (I'm looking over on the right, under the hours, on Thanks!

      1. re: hungry in carrboro

        Lunch and brunch prices are pretty similar. I've had not great service there sometimes but the food at brunch is always good.