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Jul 21, 2008 11:30 AM

I need a decent restaurant near JFK Airport.

any suggestions for a decent place to eat near the airport??

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  1. When I use to work in JFK our boss would take us to Lucky Boy or Lumar Lobsters down by Rockaway Tunpike for lunch when he had to tell us we have to work late for the month or the rise will be dismal. Stuffing good food down our face made it more bearable.
    They are both outside JFK but near the JFK area. Lucky boy is at 636 Rockaway Tpke across from Costco. They serve Greek. My favorite was the grill Salmon serve on Mesclun greek salad. Lumar is a little further, 297 Burnside Avenue (end of Rockaway Tpke make a right) across from a strip mall. They serve , tada, Lobster but they also serve Sushi. Their fried seafood's are great. They have their own tank and fish store so the food is always fresh. They are both within a 5 minute drive from JFK.

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      Don Pepe's is great. It's on Lefferts Boulevard, right near JFK. Ozone Park 135-58 Lefferts Blvd (149th). Amazing linguine with clam sauce, baked clams and veal Don Pepe. I believe cash only.

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        This sounds good. If I have a 2 hr layover at JFK, do I have enough time to eat lunch here? Can I access it without a car?

    2. Annie's Roti Shop on Rockaway Blvd serves up some excellent Trini food. Especially good are the chicken and duck rotis.

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        We were out at Annies last week and had the duck roti, three veg curries with dhal puri (chickpea, pumpkin and spinach (bhaji) and fried bakes with smoked fish. instead of filling the bakes with the fish, the fish was sandwiched between the two bakes. This was a wonderfullt tasty dish, probably the saltfish would have been also), even several hours later and cold.

        We liked the pumpkin and spinach curries, simple seasoning but good, tho the spinach was too salty - the chickpeas were blah, and the potatoes with my duck roti also unexciting.
        The duck curry was EXTREMELY disappointing - none of the flavor and unctuous character of the duck came through - I took home leftovers to my husband and he couldnt believe it was duck til I pointed out the little bones. The dhal puri and roti were substantively the same and while good were so soft that they fell apart, not so good for using for dipping or rolling. Id say that on the whole the roti, unassembled, was weak.

        So, all in all a mixed bag - they have so many dishes on the steamtable (along with the bollywood videos on the screens) that its definitely worth fa lot of urther exploration.

        PS my daughter did not love her homemade peanut drink - sort of like melted peanut icecream she said - LOTs of peanut.

      2. Avoid Don Pepe's. It has down hilled to a scary degree in the last 10 years or so. I'd recommend Warung Kario on Liberty Avenue as an alternative to my earlier rec of Annie's Roti Shop. It's just a tad close. Singh's Roti Shop is also nearby and gives you a Guyanese alternative. Warung Kario serves Surinamese food, btw. It's from the tiny little former Dutch colony of Suriname next to Guyana and it has quite a lot of Indonesian influence. This place is super perfect for lunch and so is Annie's. Also, it is almost impossible to pay over 15 dollars a person at either. I really don't think it's humanly possible to go over 12 without exploding.

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          This sounds wonderful and I love Indonesian food so i'm sure this will be to my liking. How do I get there from the airport?

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            I responded to this days ago! No idea as to why my post didn't stick. Take the Airtrain to Howard Beach and then the A Train to the end of the other end of the line in Ozone Park. Simply walk down the block away from the el train.

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              Do you know of any restaurants at Howard Beach other than Indonesian? Don't want to chance eating something that we never ate before our flight to Europe. Some in our group eat fish and vegetarian. Also, how much time would you say it takes to get to Howward Beach from JFK?