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Jul 21, 2008 11:30 AM

Private dining room for 80th birthday ? recs ?

My Mother will be celebrating her 80th birthday, and we want to hold asmall (10-20) lunch party for her in downtown Montreal. She has definite tastes as to decor (traditional/authentic) and food (what you might call "correct" en français) but is by no means absolutely conservative. The Ritz in a private dining room would be an obvious choice except for its closure for renovations. I think simplicity, a warm environment and excellent invisible service are key.

Friends who don't necessarily know the Mtl scene have mentioned private rooms at the Mt Stephen Club or the Café of the MMFA. Anyone have experience of these venues ? What about other suggestions ?

Thank you !

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  1. I don't think MMFA is what you're looking for. Restaurant Julien has a private room, which might work. Not sure about the service there, I haven't been in many years. Another option which might work would be the Beaver Club - I believe they have a private room, and service would certainly be what you're looking for (but are they open for lunch?). Many downtown and Old Mtl. restaurants do have smaller private rooms, but I couldn't give you a list offhand...

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      I held my wedding reception at Mount Stephen Club. Decor beautiful, traditional with gorgeous oak staircase and stained glass. Food traditional, competent. Service sucked. It was 10 years ago and I am still traumatised. They locked my guests out as a show they were filming went into overtime. Completely Indifferent!!. L'Epiceure I beleive has a private dinning room if I am not mistaken.