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Jul 21, 2008 11:01 AM

EatBar or Liberty Tavern?

I'm doing dinner with 6-10 people on Friday night, 7pm-ish. Which would be better for a group, EatBar or Liberty Tavern? Does either take reservations?

Not strictly limited to these two options but they are the ones that come to mind when thinking of places in the Arlington Orange Line corridor that I have wanted to try. Also trying to keep the cost down as it will be my birthday dinner and I don't it to be too pricey for my friends.

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  1. You can't make reservations at Eat Bar (you could next door at Tallula which is very good), they don't have a lot of huge tables, they have a few larger lounge spaces in the back room, which is smoking, but not really smokey.

    You can make reservations at Liberty Tavern.

    Both are good in terms of food, I like the cocktails better at Eat Bar, but for a large group I would go with Liberty because of the reservation factor, or Tallula which has really good food, but their entrees are just a bit more than Liberty. Eat just doesn't have a ton of huge tables or spaces, and I never know what nights they are going to be busy, it is very hit or miss like that, but 7 ish on a Friday sounds like they will probably be busy, especially because more and more people have been writing about it lately.

    Liberty has really good food, as well, and you would know you had a spot. They have a very refreshing grapefruit cocktail, and I had a pizza their I loved, it was the Vermont, but I have had good sandwiches for lunch, and mussels. Their bread is really good. It will be pricier than Eat Bar, but I think you might be better off because you won't have to be trolling for seats. And it isn't outrageous, people can pick how pricey they want to go. And the dining area outside is nice, if the weather is permitting.

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      This might not be helpful because I've never been to Eat Bar so I can't make a comparison, but Liberty Tavern is quite tasty. The pizza referred to above--the one with apples and vermont cheddar--is delicious. I've been thinking about it ever since. Liberty Tavern is affordable.

    2. i have another isnt NOVA but just flashed into my mind. What about Vinoteca? It's on U & 11th so it's right near a metro stop and you could have a glass of wine & snack at the bar first and then move to a table. It is reasonable, food decent, and wine really good. I assume maybe you are looking for good wine/drinks since you mentioned Eat Bar and that's what they are known for.
      Given the 2 choices above, though, i'd pick Tallulah because i love Eat Bar!