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Jul 21, 2008 10:54 AM

Ted Allen's New Show on The Food Network

Last night I caught a couple of promos for Ted Allen's new show, soon to be broadcast on The Food Network. It would appear that the theme is "answering your questions about food through science", which naturally brings Good Eats to mind.

While Ted is certainly one of the more intelligent foodies around, I was surprised that his show would go in that direction.

Firstly, when I have questions about food, they tend to be about how to make something, not what particles comprise it. Not sure how many TFN regulars really care for yet another show on the logistics of food.

Secondly, while his past experience has been centered on demystifying food (for the benefit of men on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) I would have thought that his fun personality would be better suited to reprising that kind of role--helping novices get to grips with interesting cuisine--or something on wine; varietals, flavors, uses, etc.

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  1. My first thought when I saw the ad was "Hmmm. Maybe Alton Brown is quitting Good Eats in favor of Asphalt."

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    1. re: jlafler

      Yeah, it sounds very similar to Good Eats. I'll be happy to watch Ted Allen. He's got a very bright and witty personality. Alton sometimes comes off as a bit too sarcastic and a bit too hokey for my taste. Allen has never rubbed me the wrong way in everything I've seen him in.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        Ted Allen is sweet. I go hot and cold on Alton -- sometimes I think he's hilarious, others I think "okay okay okay, cut to the chase!"

    2. No, the vibe I get from those ads isn't Good Eats so much as it's Mythbusters.

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      1. It would be a huge mistake to take Alton Brown off of what he does best which is the incredible clever, well-researched, well-written and wildly entertaining "Good Eats". Of course that could be just what the increasingly clueless managers at TFN would do. Ted Allen is totally pompous and not someone that I would make any effort to watch. His work as a judge on Iron Chef and Top Chef proves that he knows food but then so does my grandmother. I suspect that the hiring of Ted Allen has more to do with the desire of the network to get a "diverse" perspective than with anything related to programming information. Biggest mistake they made was taking Mario Batali, arguable the biggest name chef in the country, off their schedule. Put Ted Allen on a show with Sandra Lee and just watch the fireworks begin. It would be fabulous with a capital FAB.

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        1. re: steveTV

          I just watched about two minutes of Ted Allen's new show on the heels of Alton Brown, it just seemed like a worse version. I can only take so much Alton Brown, but these two back to back is too much to take. For you AB lovers, I bet if Sandra Lee, Giada, Rache, or Paula, did a show like his, they would be buried for doing the exact same thing.

          1. re: steveTV

            I haven't seen Ted Allen's new show yet, but my reaction is the opposite of yours. I find Alton Brown totally pompous. Pompous in the sense of knowing it all and being too didactic. If Jacques Pepin were to explain the same things Alton does, you would feel he has *mastered* what he is explaining. With Alton you get the feeling that he is merely regurgitating what he researched therefore claiming a sort of false authority with his heavy style.

            Ted Allen strikes me as knowing from experience and sincere.

            1. re: Minger

              Maybe I did not express myself correctly on Alton Brown, I agree with you, well stated. I also find him somewhat condescending on Feasting On Asphalt with some of the folks he encounters as far as their cooking styles. He may come off as funny in this regard to some, but not to me. As far as Ted Allen goes, I enjoy him on Iron Chef and especially Top Chef, I just do not like his new show, but I'll give him one more shot.

          2. Agreed. He seems to have very refined knowledge coupled with authority but his demeanor is warm and helpful. He seems the type of friend you'd want to have in order to ask what wine to serve - or a dish idea for a first date, etc. In short, a great person to elevate the exploration of food/drink among viewers.

            Instead, the promos seem to have him exploring how long swallowed gum stays in the stomach and the impact of double dipping. It seems an awful waste of talent.

            Even though the science aspect of Good Eats doesn't jive with some, it's always focused on getting the best out of whatever item is featured. The new TA show seems to be hitting lower, going after urban myths and other tangental topics.

            1. I thought the first episode was just ok. They started off with some cliche questions but I guess it's informative. It seems too much to me like Alton Brown's show...which I like better so far.

              I liked Ted Allen a little bit more before this...