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Jul 21, 2008 10:50 AM

Bubble Tea

Having just moved back about a month and a half ago, I'm still familiarizing myself with modern New Orleans. Back when I lived here in the past, I had never heard of bubble tea. Now, I know it's everywhere and I'm starting to miss the stuff I used to indulge in in Austin. Thus, does anyone have recommendations on bubble tea?

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  1. jasmine cafe in riverbend right at corner of st.charles/carrolton.

    about 15 different flavors

    1. Frosty's Caffe in Metairie
      Mr. Bubbles, inside the Hong Kong Supermarket on Behrman Highway (westbank)
      Tan Dinh, Lafayette St. in Gretna plenty more places....

      1. I'm curious, don't want to miss out on something special--What is Bubble Tea?
        you got me at 15 different flavors--no doubt I AM missing out!

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        1. re: cheerstonola

          I'm with Celeste on Mr. Bubbles inside HK Supermarket. I love the bubble tea there, and the sealed on tops that you poke the straw through.

          Cheerstonola: Bubble tea is a cold Asian drink, usually made with fruit flavors or dairy flavors, that typically contains tapioca balls, or "boba." It's delicious, and you should seek it out!

          1. re: mikemill

            I agree about HK Supermarket. The coconut flavor is fantastic!

            1. re: gillsnthrills

              Mr. Bubbles now has some fruit "twist" flavors--two fruits in one. Peach mango was pretty tasty, can't remember all the others. Mr. B also gets points for having various fruit-flavored jelly cubes in addition to tapioca balls.

        2. Thanks guys! I'll be sure to check out those places!

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          1. re: briox

            You can also find a wide variety of Authentic bubble tea at:

            Ba Mien 13235 Chef Hwy N.O.70129 (thai tea is my favorite there)
            Dong Phuong Restaurant (right next to the bakery) 14207 Chef Hwy