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Jul 21, 2008 10:45 AM

Gilroy Garlic Festival?

Is it worth going? I've always wanted to go but I hear it's rediculously crowded...what do you guys think? If I go what are some must haves at the festival?

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  1. Everytime I've gone I've been disappointed and I live in the South Bay. I never found food that I'd go back for but then I also get frustrated with the long lines and usually take off part way through the day.

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    1. re: sflegs

      that's kind of what i was afraid of...

      1. re: sflegs

        Plus, it's usually insanely hot, and the traffic/parking is terrible.

        1. If you absolutely must go, be there when they open on the first day and leave by 2pm when it really starts to get hot. Bring lots of water and leave a coouple of frozen bottles in the car for the ride home.

          While it is fun for a bit, it's not something you will go to twice.

          1. K...that's all i needed to know...not going, thanks!

            1. Nearly the exact same food and vendors as any other San Francisco summer festival plus garlic ice cream. Which really isn't all that great after the first "Hmm.. interesting" bite.