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Jul 21, 2008 10:38 AM

Your number one?

I was with a group of friends for the weekend who were from Washington DC and New York city although many of them had gone to school in Boston. Talk eventually came around to food and restaurants and they asked what my favorite restaurant in Boston is. I was stumped. I mean, I love Rendezvous and East Coast Grill and Peach Farm seafood and Mulan and Gran Gusto and now Highland Kitchen and Hungry Mother are ringing my bell, but I don't really have a number ONE. Do you?

What's the place that immediately comes to mind when asked this question? I know for one friend it's Neptune Oyster. Another is all about Prezza. Yet another will happily dine at Eastern Standard every week and never tire of it.


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  1. Oishii (Chestnut Hill) - from the "never tire of it" school.

      1. Blue Room, for the many reasons enumerated in as many posts. I have yet to try the new menu (about 3-weeks old) and so will do so tonight!!!

        1. Oleana - hands down my fave in the area. It has never disappointed me. Its tough to find creative and yummy vegetarian with a great setting in this area. Bonus points because the meat eaters I'm with always enjoy it as well.