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Jul 21, 2008 10:34 AM

Absinthe, Boca Center

dropped in to give absinthe a try. a well appointed interior along with covered outdoor seating is available. the bar staff was a bit rough around the edges but we managed to get drinks at the relatively empty bar. tables remained uncleared in both the dining and bar area . . . not a good sign. we requested a table outside and were seated and provided with menus. that's really the end of our dining experience at absinthe. no server ever appeared to check on us so my party of four left after ten minutes, leaving our drinks and menus on the table. we had an adequate meal at cucina d'angelo before walking back through absinthe on our way to the parking lot behind boca center. our table was exactly as we left it two hours earlier . . . wine glasses and menus patiently awaiting our return.

• fairly attractive interior space

• uncleared tables

• complete lack of service

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  1. I would have at least finished my wine.... i do like Cucina d'Angelo though. More modern takes on italian food.

    1. LOL I was wondering why there was no food mentioned in your good, bad, and ugly. What a shame!

      Last year and the year before at the Boca Bacchanal they had a great booth, but I never made it in there. I still worried about it being a hotel restaurant. It's the one in the Marriott, right? (can't remember).

      That's a terrible experience though, too bad. :(