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Jul 21, 2008 10:31 AM

Comcast Center: Lunch at Table 31


My daughter is taking a class in town this week, so I met her at the Comcast Center. We decided that the easiest thing to do today was to have lunch outside at the Comcast Center, at Table 31 -- George Perrier's offshoot. Looks lovely, but it's overpriced.

We asked specifically for a table in the shade. Hostess took us to a table in the sun, then looked puzzed when we asked her again for shade. She then moved a table so that it was half in and half out of the shade. Odd, since there were tons of open tables fully shaded. We ended up moving the table ourselves to be under the umbrella canopy.

We decided to share items: caesar salad and a chicken salad club sandwich. The salad was very generous, but had very little dressing & was sliced up plain ol' romaine. The croutons were very good. $12. The chicken salad club was odd. The bread was very good and toased perfectly, but the chicken salad had horseradish in it. Might have been a good twist, but it was overwhelming & bitter. The orzo salad on the side also had an weird vinegary taste that is still in my mouth and hour later. Not good at all with the horseradish in the salad.

She had water with lemon. I had iced tea. My daughter asked if the iced tea had caffeine. The waitress looked very puzzed, thought for a while, then said that it came with lemon and was unsweetened. The caffeine question was obviosly too tough for her.

Over all, it was a nice setting -- shaded (once we moved), with lots of people watching and the bubbling fountain next to us. The bill was $31, without the tip. I've spent more for lunch, certainly, but just didn't feel this was worth it. I would not go back unless it was on someone else's dime, and even then I'd balk. Dinner, maybe, or even cocktails. Lunch? Nope.

Tomorrow we'll try something more adventurous. Maybe Liberty Place (grin).

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  1. The pizza is the best bet there. Having said that, the service is not very good and it is very expensive for what it is.

    The cocktail list is not very good, you would do better elsewhere for cocktails.

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      Thanks. Someone at another table had the bpizza & it did look good. I was just blown away by the waitress who had trouble with the question: "does the tea have caffeine in it?"

    2. I had lunch at Table 31, but inside. I believe the outdoor cafe has a different menu. I had the lobster roll which was fabulous. I was with a group of 5, everyone thought the food was great. It was expensive, though, so probably best to go on expense account!

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