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Jul 21, 2008 10:28 AM

Eating our way around Seattle in about 2 days

My husband and I are spending our 10th anniversary in Seattle later this week and want to find some great restaurants to try. We’re staying at the Inn at the Market. I’d love recommendations for dinner on Thursday after a long day of traveling, a place to grab breakfast (must have good, strong coffee) before driving out to Woodinville Friday morning, and places for our meals on Saturday, preferably ending with a romantic dinner spot that evening. For lunch Friday we’re thinking of Purple Café in Woodinville. Is that a good pick? Their menu looks great and has enough to offer both very picky (me) and non-picky (him) eaters. Near the Market the menus for Campagne, Etta’s and Matt’s looked good. Are any of those places worth trying? Except for Friday, we’ll be on foot. I’d greatly appreciate any tips!

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  1. The Inn at the Market is a great location to explore Seattle. I have not been to Purple Cafe so I cannot provide you info. However, I note you're traveling from Pennsylvania. Based on that, I would recommend at least one meal in Seattle's International District. Three strong contenders are: Made-In-Kitchen, Tamarind Tree and Greenleaf. In the Market, Matt's at the Market for sure. For dinner, reservations in the wine cellar at Harvest Vine. (The #1 rated Chowhound destination in Seattle.) For breakfast: LOLA, a short walk from your hotel.

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      I would skip Harvest Vine, have had nothing but bad experiences there, also isn't considered to be walkable to from their hotel. Second Matt's at the Market for lunch or dinner, one of my favorite in Seattle, and an unforgettable view if you can score a table overlooking the market. Purple Cafe in Woodinville is very good (oddly located in a strip mall kind of a place), perfect for picky and non-picky eaters, service has been hit or miss at all the Purples in the area, IMO. Great wine list though, and interesting flights.

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        cafe campagne does a lovely breakfast, and would be right beside your hotel. chez shea is also very nice, and very romantic setting in the market. i would do that for your romantic dinner, but don't omit matt's - it is great, just a bit busier atmosphere. ettas is also good, it doesn't get a lot of buzz on this board, but i think that is b/c is is a standard, not new and noteworthy.

        in woodinville, the barking frog is very nice for lunch. trellis is also good, but not sure if they are open for lunch.

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          Trellis is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they are in Kirkland not Woodinville.

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            yes, you are right. Admittedly, i lump all eastside restaurants in one pot in my head. stil, trellis is a worthy destiation.

    2. I second Matt's - the seafood is fantastic and I once had a lamb dish that was delicious, too.

      1. Another good choice for brunch is the Boat St. Cafe, a long walk away on Western. Fabulous!

        1. I second the Boat Street for breakfast - and they have a patio. Definitely Matt's in the Market for dinner, or take a cab to Sitka & Spruce (they don't take resys, be forewarned). Skip Etta's (terrible service, ok food). I also recommend checking out the Vietnamese food scene here, but in addition to those already mentioned, Monsoon on Capitol Hill is really great too and a little more upscale with a great wine list. Purple in Woodinville is fine but not great at all, but your choices are very limited over there. I suggest eating the big breakfast in Seattle, going wine tasting in Woodinville, skipping a big lunch, and making an earlier reservation for that night at Cafe Juanita in Kirkland (but make it now to get in) for the best and most romantic dinner maybe in all of Seattle. It is only about 15 minutes from Chateau Ste Michelle. Chef Holly just won the Beard award and her take on Northern Italian in absolutely fantastic. You will need your appetite for that one. Also, while in Woodinville, make sure you check out the "warehouse" wineries. You will get a more personal experience with a chance to meet a lot of the actual winemakers. Not all are that great, but the best are Mark Ryan (not always open - his wines tend to sell out quickly, but give it a shot), Stevens Winery, Darby Winery, Page Cellars and Guardian to name a few. Januik is also worth checking out for one of the larger wineries. Have a great time!