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Jul 21, 2008 10:26 AM

Best coffee maker under $100

My cusinart two to go coffee maker just kicked the bucket so I'm in the market for a new machine. Requirements are:

1. Must be auto drip (my GF doesn't want to mess with manual presses)

2. Small capacity. Mostly interested in single cup machines, although something as big as a 4-cup capacity would be ok.

3. Needs to accommodate standard coffee grinds with a reusable filter. Don't want to be restricted to use coffee pods.

4. Would like to keep it under $100.

Right now I'm leaning towards the Keurig B40:

Reviews look good and the price is right. Only downsides are that if I want to use my own grounds I would need a reusable filter which is $15 extra and also the only cup size option is 7.25 oz which is a little on the small size. Are there any other machines I should look at?


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  1. Aeropress ... doesn't meet criteria 1, but it's only $30 & the only coffee better is arguably the clover -- i've been roasting and grinding my own beans and this aeropress coffee is the best i've had


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      1. The Keurig is fine with its own K-cups, but I wouldn't get it expecting a fun time using it with your own ground coffee. Too much effort and cleaning IMO. But, the option is there, and maybe you wouldn't find it such. There are a wide variety of the Keurig coffees to choose from, though, as long as you buy online (hard to find too much variety in most stores, and expensive in stores). Depending upon how you like your coffee, having more (larger) cup size options isn't that big a deal. We have a B60, and it's the middle size 7.25 oz that seems optimal with most K-cups. That said, the Elite B40 does in fact have two sizes, 7.25 and 9.25 oz. So I would think you'd be fine with that.

        1. Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond with the ubiquitous 20% off coupon. Just picked up the B60 a few days ago for $119 after coupon.

          1. have you considered a Bodum french press? They're very inexpensive and produce the purest most unadulterated cup of coffee you'll ever have. They come in all sizes and can be found at World Market, target or online. If you love coffee, once you have press coffee drip won't due!

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              I too would encourage the OP to try the Bodum french press ( even though gf is looking into an auto-drip. It's really not much more work...and for a much, much better cup of coffee. Wouldn't hurt to try for < $20.