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Jul 21, 2008 10:04 AM

lamb's please

I have a big batch of lamb's quarters from our weekly CSA.
Any suggestions please?

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  1. Use them in any recipe calling for cooked spinach. You can saute, boil, or steam them to wilt. The flavor is a little stronger than spinach and not as sweet, so it goes well with assertive flavors and spices, works well with curry flavors, garlic & chile, etc.. Fabulous with feta cheese and olives, for instance, as a side dish or in a frittata. Makes a nice side, even by itself, for sausages or ham (that smoky, salty flavor works well). I often add them to bean stews, with or without sausages.

    Some folks like them in salads, though I'm not crazy about them raw. But taste them and see what you think.

    1. Some traditional Mexican dishes using Lamb Quarters:

      > Masa Dumpling & Quelite (Lamb Quarters) Soup
      > Squash Blossom & Quelite Soup
      > Garlicky Quelite Fried Tacos
      > Spareribs & Quelites in a Tomatillo-Serrano caldillo
      > Braised Beef Loin with Quelite Cream Sauce

      Just google "receta quelites" and you will find a whole new world of flavors & ideas reveal to you.

      1. Edna Lewis in "The Taste of Country Cooking" cooks it like spinach but seasoned like stronger greens with smoked or salted meat.