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Jul 21, 2008 09:49 AM

Fernet Blanca

Many years ago I purchased a few bottles in Switzerland and brought them home. At that time it was not available on the states. I am now seeing it in package stores and am wondering if it is the same as in Europe. I thought it had some naughty ingredients that made it illegal over here. It is a great after dinner drink.

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  1. Fernet Branca has been available for many years in the U.S. as a digestif. Nothing naughty about it, though to some it tastes of mentholated cough syrup. Martignetti's in the North End always had a nice selction of Amaros to choose from.. not sure now.

    1. Like rsucre said, Fernet Branca has been widely available here in the US for ... well... for as long as I recall. Many, many years. It's a very common amaro and you can get it in many large liquor stores.

      I agree with rsucre that you can do better than Fernet Branca when it comes to a digestif and or amaro, though.

      Are you confusing it with absinthe?

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        An Italian friend of mine turned me on to Fernet Branca many years ago. I find it has a remarkable ability to make me feel signficantly less full after a large meal. It is definitely an acquired taste but I like it quite a lot. Here is an excellent article.