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Jul 21, 2008 09:40 AM

PHX-- Sierra Bonita Grill-- good/bad/or just o.k.?

I have never seen Sierra Bonita Grill mentioned on this board,from the looks of their website and the menu,it looks great and I would like to try it sometime. Does anyone have any input?

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  1. I live in Flagstaff now, but dined there about four times before I moved and always had enjoyable experiences. Their guacamole is addictive and I'm a big fan of the pork osso bucco.

    1. I like the place. I find the small plates better (and more exciting) than the entrees.

      Great guacamole, a terrific mac and cheese, and a nice pozole are the highlights on the menu. Nice tidy little wine list as well.

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        Agree with my favorite smiley face on this one. I like SBG, but think it's typically stronger with appetizers, soups, and desserts than with entrees. In the past, they've had a wonderful chocolate souffle served with banana ice cream, but I no longer see it on the Web site menu.

        Sierra Bonita Grill
        6933 North 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85014

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          Definitely good. Agree about the appetizers being especially yummy -- we almost always just get an assortment of those. Although, the Buttermilk Chicken entree is soooo good & makes great comfort food. They also do some tasty beverages -- their mojito is excellent, & they do a pomegranate margarita (IIRC) that's really easy to drink. ;-)

          1. re: emmaAmethyst

            I always pass this place and wondered about it. I just took a look at the menu and I can't wait to try it maybe this weekend! I'll let you know what I think of it.

        2. I agree with other folks here who say it's good. I wouldn't drive across town for it, but fortunately, I don't have to. :-)

          I don't know that I'd necessarily put the appetizers above the entrees in terms of quality (the red chile smoked pork, for example, is quite good), but I will say that, given the portion sizes and variety, two people could certainly make a fine meal out of three of their starters.

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            I've been here for lunch a few times, really like it. IIRC, its a sister restaurant of Phoenix City Grille. Agree with hohokam, I wouldn't drive across town for it - but if I lived within 5-10 miles I'm sure I'd eat there frequently. Tasty cocktails also.

            1. re: Maggie Kramer

              You are correct. It is a sister of PCG.