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Jul 21, 2008 09:24 AM

LEGAL TEST KITCHEN...great food, bad service


I have eaten at LTK a few times now. Love the food, but each time the service has been terrible. Last night was truly the worst though. Our waiter was clueless. Several small things really started to add up during the meal. Waited forever for the waiter to come to the table; spilled red wine on one of us; table of four was given 3 bread rolls; never cleared plates or filled water glasses; screwed up the food orders...and best of all, when the entrees were set down we explained to the waiter we needed silverware, he went and took another order from another table as we watched our food get cold!

Positives are the food is good and always is; the manager was wonderfully appropriate and understood the problem, and comped the entire meal!

Great spot for its food, fun atmosphere, but please work on training the staff!

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  1. been 2 times and both have been really poor the sour bean dip with the bread , not to mention the service. was so bad, complained to corporate office and they sent me a comp to any legal. will never go to ltk again. the regular legals/ chesnut hill and theatre area are almost as bad. tooooooooo bad

    1. I've had exactly the opposite experience. Excellent service (at the bar, though), nice cocktails, but horrible food. Tepid, tasteless, overcooked and underseasoned.

      I know I'll be dragged back against my will, as some of my friends like the bar there after tennis, but I would never choose to eat there.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        We had so so food and awful service -- and it was expensive.

      2. After going there several times, I've "weeded out" what is good and what to stay away from. We always order things without salt, because we've found the kitchen to have a heavy hand when salting. The service has been pretty good most of the time. The fruit mojitos have always been good :-)!

        1. Last time I was there the food was about as good as TGIF's.

          1. they certainly know how to put the "test" in test kitchen. everything should be half price at this place.