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Best Lamb burger in NYC

We've got a craving for a lamb burger....anyone have suggestions for a good place to get one?

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  1. Belcourt and Prune both have very good lamb burgers.

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      Hi KTinNYC,

      You beat me to the two! Prune and Belcourt are the places that immediately came to mind when i saw lamb burgers.

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        BLT Burger's (6th ave between 11th &12th) tastes better than both Prune's & Belcourt's, although Belcourt has a lot more atmosphere and Prune's has more meat.

        Prune's lamb burger is surprisingly flavor-challenged, considering how greasy and calorie-laden it must be.

    2. Anthos on 52nd near 6th ave. also has a good one.

        1. Knickerbocker Grill has a tasty lamb burger.

          1. How much do they cost these days in Manhattan? I want to smile about my savings every time I grill a delicious lamburger with havarti and mint sauce here in Florida..
            (I used to live on east 49th)

            1. I had one at 202 in Chelsea Market that was pretty great.

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                      there's a French-Senegalese place on 22nd between 6th and 7th that has a very tasty lamb burger- name escapes me right now. Les Ambassadors or something like that.

              1. For 24-hr late-night lamb burger cravings, try l'Express. It comes with harissa.....order it medium-rare and add goat cheese for the ultimate experience.

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                  In Israel they had a hamburger chain like MacDonald's called Wimpy's( after the popeye character) they only served lamb burgers. Interesting that lamb burgers have made the manhattan scene