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Jul 21, 2008 08:56 AM

Traveling to Houston from NY - need reco's

I will be in Houston tomorrow night and am looking for recommendations. I'll be eating alone, looking for a trendy restaurant, and am not price sensitive. I've heard that texas style bbq is the way to go...any suggestions?

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  1. Houston is a very expansive city so it will be difficult to give recs unless we have an idea of what part of town you will be in.

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      I'll be in what i believe is referred to "west loop" or to clarify, by the houston galleria. After reading posts, it seems Pierson & Co is the way to go, but i may be looking for a spot a little more trendy and in a lively neighborhood with some nightlife. Does that help narrow down my options?

      1. re: melissabeth115

        Pierson & Co. is a GREAT BBQ place, but not trendy, just good food. And they shut down at 7pm. If you want a lively neighborhood the happening places are on Washington Ave. and around that area. Here is a link to the places:

        I think you would like Beaver's, but it has mixed reviews. You can look on this board and egullet to see how folks are reacting to it. But it is trendy, great bartender, interesting food. I have been twice and not real happy either time, but I should have ordered the Beaver burger or the nut burger. But I know other hounds that love it, so . . . They have daily specials, too. Lots of really good places around there, as well. El Tiempo Cantina is very good mexican food. There are a lot of nightlife p;aces around there too. Try The Pearl Bar for drinks, or Catalan for good wine list and food. Have fun!

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          If you're on an expense account, I second Catalan. Another suggestion is Ouisie's Table on San Felipe as it will certainly have items on the menu that you won't find in NY.

          1. re: Bulldozer

            If price is not an issue, I would consider Cafe Annie or Bar Annie (in the same location). Robert Del Grande is one of the pioneers of Southwestern cuisine. It is very close to the Galleria


    2. I would suggest for the more fun upsacle, dinner at Hugos, Westheimer and Mandel, then drinks at Poison Girl a block or two west and across the street. These are both unique, local places, and in the heart of as much urban activity as Houston has.

      Maybe squeeze in a dessert or something at Mark's.

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        thanks, i am also coming from NYC on Sunday and couldn't remember the mexican place I ate at last time and you just popped it back into my consciousness. One of the best mexican places I ever ate at and also got to meet the owner and talk about the food with him. Thanks again.

      2. i never made it, hurricane got in my way...but thanks for all the suggestions, ill definitely try some of the mentioned spots on my next trip!!

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          But there is no hurricane here! Hit south of here. Sorry you had to change your plans, though.