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Jul 21, 2008 08:52 AM

I-84 PDX to Boise, Decent Food?

Driving next weekend from Portland to near Boise (Ontario) and back for a wedding. Any suggestions for some decent chow on route? We would drive a little out of the way for a real humdinger diner...

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  1. I'm heading the other way. I'll be stopping at Charburger in Cascade Locks fer sure. And a bite and some brews at Full Sail in Hood River are in order as well.

    1. LaGrande is the best place to stop for chow!
      I've heard the Chinese restaurant in town isn't bad (don't take my word), but I have eaten at the upscale American place in downtown as well as the local coffeehouse for breakfast. The latter has great baked goods (highway 30 coffee co).

      The former is named: the Foley Station and they serve brunch on weekends and all the food I've tasted there is excellent (dined for dinner only). The chef is a transplant out of the Portland culinary scene if I'm not mistaken.