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Any good restaurants in Santa Cruz? [moved from SF Bay board]

My daughter is starting school at UC in the fall, (we are from Oakland) and the little exploring we've done has not turned up any good food. We tried Kianti's on Pacific Avenue and thought the food was terrible. A little taco place near the Boardwalk was cozy and fun but the food was just ok.
Please send recommendations, we like all kinds of food.

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    1. Oswald, Gabriella and Pearl Alley are all pretty good. I'd check the Califonia board.

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        Gabriella is brilliant. Sean Baker is the (young) chef there and he's a SC treasure. Go quickly before he moves on. Unfortunately my son graduated last year, so we have no more reason to go to SC and what I miss most is Gabriella.

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          I believe Oswald's is still not open as they are on a long break as they build their new space.

          And Pearl Alley no longer exists having been replace by Fusion which I have not tried.

          1. re: Nathan P

            I thought Oswald was suppose to be open by now. I'm definitely out of the loop. Don't get to SC as much as I'd like.

        2. Love Johnny's Harborside. Menu changes seasonally and if you get there early there are some happy hour specials. It's near the Crow's Nest which I would recommend skipping.
          If you are willing to drive a little, Shadowbrook is nice. I've never had a bad meal there but I hear it gets mixed reviews. The atmosphere is nice and taking the cable car down the hill is a fun experience.

          1. Malabar is one of my favorite places to eat in SC -- it's vegetarian, Sri Lankan food. Wonderful food, very reasonably priced, in a pretty, high ceilinged space.

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              Depending on what you are looking for, some of my Santa Cruz area favorites are: Kelly's Bakery, Gayle's (both bakery & rosticceria), Carpo's, Walnut Ave & Hoffman's, Zoccoli's. According to my parents the new place everyone is raving about is a French place called Ma Maison. They have been there three times so far and had two excellent meals and one that was only so-so. Believe it or not everyone is excited now because they just got a Pollo Loco. There is not a lot of fast food in town so it was big news.

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                Just wanted to give a quick Kelly's Bakery update: stopped in for a quick breakfast this am before an appointment. I had a very good latte and a ham and gruyere open face sandwhich on sourdough toast. Friendly people and high quality tasty ingredients! The patio would be nice later in the day or in good weather...Didn't sample much of the baked goods but it all looked excellent. They were just putting the finishing touches on some lovely looking macarons. I did take a few Mexican wedding cookies to go and enjoyed them very much as a post-meeting snack.

                Oh, and the chicken pot pies (which were large, the size of a typical fruit pie) looked wonderful too. I hope to be able to get back soon to try more; its a great place.

                Kelly's French Bakery
                402 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz, CA

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                  was back today and had a chocolate macaron. Yumm!

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                    I'm glad you liked Kelly's, susancinsf. I confess that I haven't been there in ages (I live much closer to The Buttery), but the savory food can be solid and some sweets a treat. The macarons aren't as light and airy as I'd like, but they're large and can satisfy a craving when needed. I think they're the only ones who offer a French macaron in town. We went in the evening once and had a really satisfying burger and fries plate. Thanks for the encouragement to check them out again soon!

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                      hope you do, and please report back: the macaron I had actually wasn't all that big, but I would describe it as light, but disclaimer: I am NOT a macaron expert...

                      If any Santa Cruz folks are coming to the Chowhound picnic, Kelly's would be a great source for nice treats or a savory dish to bring for anyone who isn't cooking!


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                        I can't come to the picnic this year, but I'd be making my own food anyway. :-)

                        Kelly's macaron used to be nearly 3" in diameter and kind of flat, not puffy. They used to sell chocolate, raspberry, and pistachio and pistachio was my favorite. I'll have to see if their recipe/execution has changed. I've always wanted to make macarons at home, but I've been too lazy. I've liked their jam sable in the past.

                        I really want to check out Pim et Isabelle's baked goods at Lulu's at the Octagon! Anyone try them yet?

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                  We tried Hoffman's and Walnut Ave for breakfasts on consecutive mornings. While we enjoyed Hoffman's, we found Walnut Ave to be more to our liking. More quaint (Hoffman's feels more boutique-ish), more of a local feel, off the beaten path a bit, the service was far better and more personable, all the food tasted like it was made in a home kitchen by a very competent mother who knows food, and and the menu in general was more varied.

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                    I can attest that both are indeed local faves! My parents live walking distance to the Pacific Garden Mall and go to both of these places several times a week, and they always see the same people over & over. Also Gayle's is like this (the running joke is that Gayle's is the company cafeteria for my mom's business, which is walking distance) and Kelly's too, even in such a seemingly inaccessible location. I think Santa Cruz folks are VERY loyal when a place is good.

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                      True, true, true. Walnut Cafe, Caffe Pergolesi, and Tacos Moreno can pretty much count on my repeat business for life ;-). Not to mention Hoffmans' bakery, for the raspberry jam-filled shortbread cookies . . .

              2. My son is just starting his 3rd year there. We've had good luck at Avanti on Mission, Soif downtown and Caruso's for Italian in Capitola.

                He loves the Brazilian place on Mission for breakfast and Acai bowls.Breakfast downtown at Hoffman's is always a treat for him when we visit. Hearty fare for the starving students!

                She's going to love SC!! Now if there were only more decent places to stay (haven't stayed since the Dream Inn re-opened).

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                  I generally agree w/ all of MSK's recs. Soif is my favorite place downtown these days and is particularly enjoyable if you're into wines. The food is light, clean, and sophisticated so go elsewhere if you're looking for hearty, comfort food.

                  When I want solid Mexican food in a sit-down setting w/ good service, El Palomar downtown hits the spot. There's a casual taco bar in back, and the margaritas are good.

                  On the westside near UCSC, I also like La Cabana for quick taqueria eats. Tasty tacos like chicharrones, desebrada, and fish. Kelly's Bakery and Vasili's (Greek) are also good for lunch. There's a new Greek place opening on Cathcart in downtown where the E3 Playhouse used to be. Does anyone have info on ETA?

                  Has anyone tried the new Khyber Pass (Afghani/Pakistani) in downtown?

                  (MSK: As far as places to stay, I've heard that the Adobe on Green Street is pretty nice. Google for info.)

                2. Used to live there, but I haven't been back in about 4 years, so if some of these places no longer exist, I'll apologize in advance! I really liked Little Shanghai for cheap Chinese (they have lots of vegan/vegetarian "meat" substitutes). Also, O'Mei is great for fine dining Chinese. The small dishes are always very creative. I'm sorry to hear Pearl Alley is closed. I had several work lunches there, and I always enjoyed it.

                  I know it's all crowded and touristy, but I miss El Palomar. Their salsa is so great - fresh and cilantro-y and just the right level of spice. Just nearby El Palomar is what used to be Costa Brava. I think it's called something else now - if it's even still open. They used to have great pipian dishes.

                  For a total hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, I ate at Tam's a lot - on Mission on the far northern end of town. I worked at UCSC, and I think my department practically LIVED at Tam's.

                  I'll second the Carpo's rec. There's one in Soquel and a newer one in Santa Cruz.

                  Pizza My Heart is good for... pizza. It's downtown.

                  Walnut Avenue Cafe downtown is great for breakfast, if a bit overpriced. But you won't leave hungry.

                  Taquerias are really good. I miss them (living in LA now, I haven't been able to find a santa cruz/Bay area representation of the veggie burrito here). I like Taqueria Santa Cruz (one on Soquel, one on Mission). Taqueria Vallarta is also insanely popular, but I think I prefer Taqueria Santa Cruz.

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                    The Santa Cruz Carpo's is no longer around. The Soquel location is still in business.

                    1. re: Matt of Aptos

                      Bay Ave in Capitola/Soquel is where I always have gone. I grew up in the area and we lived within walking distance. It was halfway between my high school (Soquel) and home (on the Soquel Creek in Capitola) and I have many fond memories of walking home after tennis practice and stopping at Carpo's for their burger bar or fish with double veggies. Their Olallieberry pie is really good. I am thinking they order it from somewhere else - can't remember. They have good peach pie too. I like that it's very family friendly yet the quality of food is much higher than typical fast food.

                      1. re: drucie

                        I agree with the Walnut Avenue Cafe suggestion. If you don't mind driving, the Silver Spur on Soquel Avenue is great, but the wait can be lengthy. Linda's Seabreeze on Seabright can offer a good breakfast too.
                        Kelly's bakery for lunch is yummy, someone mentioned that already.
                        Avanti is consistently good. I don't think O'Mei's is that good anymore. Our last two meals there haven't been worth the drive from midcounty. I definitely agree with the Gayle's suggestion. Almost everything is good, with great ingredients, and thoughtful combinations. Gabriella's is really good, and I also miss Pearl Alley. I actually think El Palomar is not worth the effort to find parking, and is really mediocre at best. Tacos Moreno is a good whole in the wall. If we want a little more upscale we drive to Aptos to Palapas for great food, and really good margaritas. Shadowbrook has a new chef and I hear its gotten better.
                        I've had good meals at Limoncello (Italian) and Lilian's (Italian) too.
                        Good luck!

                        1. re: harpoon

                          I was surprised nobody mentioned Tacos Moreno before so I'd assumed it must be gone (this is the one on Soquel Ave by Staff of Life, right?)

                          Past few times I've been at O'mei it was not good but then I never was that impressed with O'mei.

                          Another thought -- fun experience if with college kid to absorb a SC vibe -- Caffe Pergolesi.

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                            Tacos Moreno is on Soquel Ave by Staff of Life. The burritos are full of tasty meats and things. Hmmmmm. i've also heard
                            Aldo's at the Yacht Harbor has good breakfasts.

                  2. Just wanted to mention Shogun -- went there for dinner last night, and the sushi was very good by Santa Cruz standards!

                    I had a negi hama roll, sake nigiri and hamachi nigiri. The negi hama had a generous amount of yellowtail, and all the fish was fresh and had a nice, melty mouthfeel, without any sinewy bits. This is fortunate, because their style is to drape an extra length of fish over the nigiri, and if you couldn't eat it in two easy bites, it'd be one seriously unwieldy piece of sushi. Also, the sake nigiri came with a sliver of lemon and a mound of tobiko on top, which was a nice touch.

                    My boyfriend had the 1. Sushi dinner, which he enjoyed very much. The miso soup was very good, with a flavor I couldn't quite suss out, which was irritating since I'd love to make some like it at home! Salad was standard -- iceberg drenched in pretty good sweet miso dressing. He enjoyed all of the nigiri, especially the surf clam, which he said was the best he's ever had. Sweet, a bit chewy, a bit crunchy. Good stuff.

                    It's hard to find quality sushi in this town, and Shogun's the best I've had so far. If you're a purist, don't bother with Totoro or Mobo.

                    1. if you decide to venture out beyond downtown Santa Cruz or the west side - try my side of town and visit Cafe Cruz in Soquel or Bella Roma in Capitola. Carpos is fine for casual quick food.

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                        Another place I don't think I've seen mentioned yet is Little Tampico in Soquel. This is a local oldtimer favorite - if I go I am guaranteed to bump into people I know. Beautiful setting -- on the river. It's very family friendly and the food is good. Aragona's (for Italian esp. pizza) used to be this way but they are now closed:-( There is Tony & Alba's but last few times hasn't been so great. Also Cafe Rio in Aptos - great food. New(ish) owners & different menu now though. I haven't been personally since the switch but what I have heard is they are trying to keep the same type of food but more "upscale" so higher prices too.

                      2. I'll echo Avanti and Soif and add La Posta; I spend a large fraction of my dining dollars in Santa Cruz at these places. La Posta serves great Italian food; the head chef holds the same position at Soif.

                        Other places where I visit often:

                        * La Cabana for tacos. Carnitas, fish and shrimp are my favorites, but others like chicharrones and desebrada. I've tried to venture off this well-beaten path before, and always wished I didn't.
                        * Pizza My Heart. I always ask for the pizza to be well-done.
                        * Johnny's Harborside has a pretty excellent burger with serviceable french fries.
                        * The Buttery: My favorite bakery. Ask ten people what their favorite item is and you'll get ten different answers. They're all probably great answers. Mine are carrot cake, cheesecake and macaroons. Also now has a bigger focus on savory items.
                        * Kelly's Bakery has a nice vibe, but I don't think their baked goods are as good as The Buttery.
                        * Linda's Seabreeze is my favorite breakfast spot (and also has good lunches - not served on Sundays, though).
                        * Hoffman's downtown for breakfast tends to be a bit less busy than (the awful IMO) Zachary's. Delicious scones.
                        * Farmer's markets: Lots of 'em, especially during about May to October. There's often good places to eat (the weird exception for me is the big Aptos market on Saturday mornings). The Mexican place at the SC (Wed aft), West Side (Sat morning) and Live Oak (Sunday morning) markets is quite good. Wed aft. market in general is the best.
                        * Taqueria Santa Cruz (Soquel branch only): al pastor tacos during the day (off the spit) are excellent. The carne en su jugo is also rather tasty. Quesadillas are perfectly fine. I personally wouldn't order anything else.

                        Worth consideration:

                        * Gabriella's is the most modern of all SC restaurants that I've been to (despite its quaint/intimate decor which doesn't seem to match the cooking style very well). The cooking was very good, and much more interesting than you otherwise find around here. But for some reason I can't put my finger on, it's not one of my go-to places. I understand why it's the favorite of a number of people.
                        * Cafe Campesino (kiosk in front of New Leaf on Pacific Ave) has slightly odd hours and not-your-normal (in a good way) Mexican food. Nice handmade tortillas are an excellent start.
                        * Malabar is more than serviceable, and useful if there are vegetarians/vegans in your party.
                        * El Paisano across from the Boardwalk (yes, really) has good tamales (chicken and pork - I seem to recall dulce as well but maybe not).
                        * Lilian's Kitchen is recent addition and seems quite popular. I liked it well-enough on my one visit. More spaghetti-and-red-sauce than Italian. Would go again.
                        * Haven't tried Limoncello in its new incarnation, nor Caffe Lucio (sp?). Both could be worthy Italian places. Nor Kyber Pass (Pakistani or Indian or both??) wihch is getting some good word-of-mouth. The optimist in me is hopeful.
                        * Oswald's when (or is it "if"?) it returns should return to its lofty place as best restaurant in SC. I can't wait, personally.

                        Places others like that I'm lukewarm on:

                        * El Palomar: I rather like their pozole, however.
                        * Tacos Morenos: to me, it can't hold a candle to La Cabana.

                        What not to do in Santa Cruz, in my humble opinion:

                        * Expect good Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese food. Really. You can't convince me otherwise. You have to go over the hill (that's Silicon Valley if you're not from around here) to get decent east or south Asian food in general, with some possible exceptions: Town and Country is very serviceable Korean in Watsonville; Ambrosia is excellent Indian and just opened an outpost in Aptos (original branch is in Monterey); and I've heard good things about Jia Tellas (Cambodian) in Scotts Valley, but I haven't tried it myself.

                        * Expect good food on the wharf. It can be a fun place to go. Views are terrific from most places.

                        That's all I can think of for now.

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                          Good to hear you've had some recent positive experiences at La Posta. I haven't been in too long and have been hesitant since I've heard problems w/ consistency and certain dishes. Now that produce is at its summer peak, I think I'm going to check out one of their Sun. prix fixe dinners again. Or maybe just sit at the bar for pizza and a glass of wine...

                          As I was reading your rundown, I kept on thinking, "hey, I could have written that!" We seem to agree on many points. A few responses:

                          -My favorite Buttery items are the peanut butter cookies, pecan sandies, and ham & cheese croissant. I used to really like the mini lemon tarts, but it tasted different and less curd-like when I had it last weekend. I still haven't tried their carrot cake...

                          -Pizza My Heart used to be our go-to pizza place (delivery from downtown), but I've vowed to only make pizza at home after several disappointing experiences. We usually keep it simple and just order plain cheese (well-done always), but I think they're cutting corners to deal w/ rising food costs and the poor quality doesn't match the rising prices anymore. Tony & Albas on Soquel is bad, and Engfer has never worked for us. Pizza at home tastes infinitely better and isn't that much trouble, but we may try Woodstock's next if we're desperate.

                          -We went to Zachary's a few weeks ago and will not return. Food is slopped together and just doesn't taste that fresh. I would go to Cafe Brasil more or finally try Linda's Seabreeze, but I don't love breakfast enough for the waits.

                          -I read in the Metro that Campesino may be losing its lease in Sept. Any updates on that? I ate there once many moons ago and thought it was fine but nothing hooked me in.

                          -The only sit-down Japanese place I go to is Miyuki in Watsonville. I'm amazed at their consistency. The chef-owner is the only one making sushi so it's always good, and the fish is always fresh. Their cooked hot items are just as tasty as their sushi. For easy take-out, I stop by Sushi on the Run in Aptos after work. I've heard that Pink Godzilla in Capitola is good but only if you sit in front of the owner. Any opinions on August Moon tucked away in Capitola in the same center as Trader Joe's? Yelp has some positive reviews...

                          -We like King Chwan on Ocean St. for a Chinese craving, but it's best to eat in. The food never tastes half as good if we take-out.

                          -Anyone have recent experiences w/ Batik Cafe?

                          1. re: Carb Lover

                            I tried to reply to your post earlier but the site froze up and it got deleted . . . grr.

                            Cool to hear another fan of Miyuki -- my SO grew up in Monterey Country, and was raised on Miyuki sushi! =). We've been together a couple times, and the food really is quite good. I notably enjoyed the miso soup and salad -- definitely a step up from the standard offerings in SC.

                            I second your anti-Zachary's sentiments. Ordered the eggs benedict here -- I should have known something was up when they just called it "Benny" or something, not actually benedict . . . anyway it was biscuits and eggs drowned in something like a bechamel sauce. Gluey, starchy, pasty, gross! I also tried the frittata there once and it was so-so. Not sure what all the hubbub is about when there're places like Hoffman's, Linda's Seabreeze Cafe, etc. in town.

                            Also, if you like dense carrot cake, try the Buttery's version! It's unconscionably rich, and delicious.

                            1. re: operagirl

                              If pressed to name my favorite restaurant in the county, I think it would have to be Miyuki. It's not fancy and doesn't have much in the way of ambience, but the food always resonates w/ me and is far from what I prepare at home.

                              My favorites are the tataki appetizer, chawan mushi, battera sushi, amaebi nigiri, chicken soup in claypot, and yosenabe. They also do a good job on deep-fried items like oysters, soft shell crab, tempura. My next goal is to sit at the tiny sushi counter (2-3 seats), make friends w/ "chief", and ask him to get creative w/ us.

                              Does the Buttery sell the carrot cake by the slice or a mini version? I don't recall ever seeing a petite size. Did anyone try the bbq specials they had during the weekends this summer?

                              Miyuki Restaurant
                              452 E Lake Ave, Watsonville, CA 95076

                              702 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

                              1. re: Carb Lover

                                The Buttery has a carrot cake "cupcake". Perfect individual size. Even has a small candy carrot on top for you to recognize it by. For those who can't commit to a whole cake but wish you had. :)

                            2. re: Carb Lover

                              Maybe I give La Posta a lot of leeway, but I think most meals there are really good to great. Cafe Brasil would be a better option if the lines weren't so absurd.

                              I have been to Miyuki a couple of times. I found that it's passable (certainly better than what is available in Santa Cruz) but it's worthwhile *to me* to drive over the hill. I'm almost at that point where I won't eat sushi unless it's terrific, as in Sakae Sushi (Burlingame) good. For me, Kitsho (Cupertino) is sort of the minimum level of quality which I find acceptable, and that's probably a rather high standard. Anything of lesser quality and I'd rather eat tacos at La Cabana.

                              If it sounds like you could have written my post, well, I admit that the suggestion of Taqueria Santa Cruz for al pastor was cribbed directly from you (and it is 3 min from my house). I haven't yet tried Sushi on the Run but plan to do so on your (repeated) suggestion. PG went once, never again.

                              If I was told I had to eat at a Chinese place in SC, then I too would choose King Chwan. But I got maybe once a year, tops.

                              Haven't yet been to Batik Cafe.

                              1. re: bouncepass

                                Thanks for your response, bouncepass. I will def. go to La Posta again soon.

                                I haven't tried the sushi places over the hill, but it does sound like you have very high standards for sushi (a good thing!). Miyuki is truly more of a homey and modest neighborhood joint w/ a mimimum selection of sushi. I love the familiar homey feeling though, and again, it is always consistently good for me.

                                Given your tastes, I'm not sure if Sushi on the Run is that worthwhile for you to seek out. They have a VERY limited menu, and the take-out format really takes away from the sushi experience. I've been told that the Japanese owners used to own a popular Japanese restaurant in Capitola but switched to SotR for more normal working hours. I work very close by so it's easy for me to swing by to grab dinner to go.

                                Has anyone been to O'mei lately? Some of the dishes that I've had there have been really tasty, but it's been a while...

                            3. re: bouncepass

                              This is a pretty comprehensive list but you are missing Avanti on the westside which is pretty consistenly good. I'm wokring at home today and actually stopped in to try their lunch menu for the first time. Had a really good dish of duck confit over sauteed spinach with a large panzanella salad with big hand torn croutons and 3 kinds of heirloom tomatoes. Very good dish and insane value at $10. Of course a glass of barbera almost doubled the cost of lunch but duck confit without wine would just be wrong.

                              And you ar ethe first person to agree on El Paisano tamles (no dulce on the menu)!

                              I hit the opening day of Limoncello and it was good. I have not been back bu tonly due to laziness. The people who I know in town who were big fans of Bella Napoli thought the opening week was mediocre but are all going now once a week for Giovanni's food.

                              1. re: Nathan P

                                I had lunch at Avanti about two weeks ago; met my sister who lives in Santa Cruz there: when we arrived at 11:30 we were the first ones there, but it filled up fairly quickly (on a weekday). Much more casual than I have imagined from what I've read and yes, a nice selection of wines by the glass.

                                Service was fine. I had a corn chowder and beet ravioli. The soup was a bit sweet but I did like the raviolis. My sister ordered a salad, which was huge, and a special pasta of the day with halibut, which she was less enthusiastic about, though I didn't taste it. I agree that it is solid, but not sure it is a great value: we didn't order wine, but two courses each ended up being about $55, with tax and tip.

                                Ristorante Avanti
                                1711 Mission St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

                                1. re: Nathan P

                                  I mention Avanti and Soif on the first line of my post as my most-visited places, but there seemed to be plenty of recs already for them so I didn't think much more discussion was needed. There's no doubt in my mind that they're among the small handful of top places to eat in SC.

                                  1. re: Nathan P

                                    Wow, duck confit and sides for $10 sounds like a great deal and a great lunch! All the foodie-types that I know haven't one bad thing to say about Avanti.

                                    They finally have a website up now:

                                    Ristorante Avanti
                                    1711 Mission St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

                                2. Leahoak,

                                  I lived in Santa Cruz for 11 years now. My wife and I love dining out. Clearly lots of good responses here. If you are looking for a fine dining experience to treat yourselves to find Theo's in Soquel. It is defintely a special place, not an everyday spot as it's pricey for both food and wine but the food is meticulous and and the wine list to match.

                                  Second is Cafe Cruz - Far less fancy or high priced as THeo's. A laid back atmosphere but still sophiticated for lack of a better word. Food is very good, full bar area with seating by a fireplace if your lucky. Huge salads and pastas. Several meats (Ribs, filet New york) and rotisserie. (Seared Ahi Tuna Salad is VERY good)

                                  Lastly clouds has some very good dishes, and if you are there early enough - before 8 - it is lively but not a bar scene yet. (lobster dumplings small but delicious apptz.)
                                  Except if you wait too long your daughter may not want to go as this may be more a bar she goes out to rather than wants to be seen eating at with her folks..:-)

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                                  1. re: Boyhoward

                                    Speaking of Theo's, has anyone tried Vida downtown since chef Nicci Tripp, formerly of Theo's, started? My last experience at Vida a few years ago was frighteningly bad and I vowed to never return but the menu posted outside actually looks interesting.

                                    1. re: Nathan P

                                      I haven't been but was aware of the chef transfer. What kind of dishes were listed on the outdoor menu?

                                      I'm wondering if Chef Tripp will be there for a while or if he is just consulting? He got Bluewater Steakhouse's full menu off the ground and then left. Everyone I know has had horrible meals there.