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Jul 21, 2008 08:39 AM

Tulsa Wine

I'm going to be visiting family in the Bartlesville/Tulsa area in early August. I'm planning on cooking a dinner for my family one night, and wanted to get a few bottles of wine to serve. I haven't spent much time in Oklahoma since I moved almost 10 years ago, but I do remember how wacky the liquor laws were.

Is there anywhere in Tulsa that would have a good selection of wine (mostly European) with a knowledgeable staff? I'm mainly going to be interested in Riesling, Burgundy, and Loire Valley Reds.

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  1. the first place I would recommend is Fike's Parkhill at 51st and Lewis, a very extensive european wine selection.

    the second place I would recommend is Ranch Acres Wine and Spirits on 31st just east of Harvard.

    Both are in Tulsa. I have no knowledge of wine shops in Bartlesville. At both locations the staff are very helpful. Sometimes I walk in with my menu and we do the wine planning from there. It helps then to know what direction I am going with the meal. At Parkhill, either Dave or Milton are my go to guys.

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    1. I don't know if this is still the case, but B and B Liquor at 71st and Mingo used to have a good selection but, Parkhill has a more extensive one

      1. I went to Parkhill. They happened to carry a ton of wine imported by Neil Rosenthal who's palate is one I trust almost totally, so I was in good hands. Unfortunately one of the bottles was corked and I didn't get a chance to return it before I had to fly home.