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Jul 21, 2008 08:14 AM

Family eats near the ROM?

I'm taking my sons, 7 & 9, to see the dinosaurs at the ROM over the summer break, but I can't for the life of me think of any kid-friendly places within a 5-10 minute walk. It doesn't have to be outstanding...just not fast food. Basics are best, as always, e.g. diners, but I'd be open to decent, cheap Japanese, since they like sushi. (I'd love them to see a real sushi chef doing his/her thing.) Too long a walk to Kensington Market, too, right?

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  1. In terms of diners, there are a few options within easy walking distance - Eggstasy on Bay would be my first choice, Over Easy on Bloor my last. There is also Flo's on Yorkville. For sushi, you could try Yamato on Belair - they also have tepanyaki (?) where they chop/cook the food in front of you so your kids would have lots to watch. There is also the always cheap and cheerful Pho Hung on Bloor.

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      Thanks so much! I'm wondering if they might enjoy make-your-own Vietnamese spring rolls. Does Eggstasy have non-egg stuff?

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        If I recall correctly, Eggstasy definitely has non-egg stuff. Lots of sandwiches and salads, I think. Pho Hung would be good too - pretty sure they're not open on Sundays, though, in case that's when you're thinking of going. Have fun!

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          I really appreciate the suggestions. I used to be in this area a fair bit, but as you can tell, am getting vague on the details now!

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            And therein lies the beauty of Chowhound...:)

    2. Hi freshbread, there are tons of sushi places just west of Spadina (5 min walk), in my opinion non of them are very good but cheap and might fit your needs, my 4 yr old loves Cluck Grunt & Low (I think he's the only one!) for ribs, it's just one block west of Spadina...a little further is By The Way cafe which I had a great brunch at once, certainly kid friendly and probally the best food in the hood and has a patio...Future Bakery is more casual and is just a little further...really, if you cruise that strip of Bloor west of the ROM you'll find something that'll fit...

      1. Kensington Market would be a fairly hefty trip for the wee ones. For the life of me, I can't think of a single sushi resto near the ROM that is both kid-friendly and good. Perhaps another hound knows of one.

        Here are some fairly recent threads on this topic:

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        1. For a relatively short way away, Baldwin Avenue near McCaul has lots of family-friendly restaurants. There's Kuni Sushi-Ya, which has AYCE sushi buffet. There are also a few good Chinese restaurants on the strip including Eating Garden. Chinese food is family friendly.

          1. Thanks so far, everyone--I really appreciate it. I checked old posts on this area and am wondering about Shogun or the New Yorker Deli. But a walk to the west might be just the thing. I can't remember how long it takes to walk to Future, but that would be great.

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              It's really not far to there, my 4 yr old is fine to cruise between spadina & bathurst and it's only half that distance....

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                Have you been to Future recently? It has gone seriously downhill in recent years.

                If your kids like Japanese, they might be willing to try Korean. There's a cheap (and good) Korean restaurant on Baldwin, called Hana Korea. You could try the Dolsot Bi Bim Bip (rice with fresh cut vegetables and strips of seasoned beef (bulgogi) with a fried egg on top).
                On McCaul, Sage is a good casual place for sandwiches and salads.

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                  Oh dear--thanks for the update. I remember Future as funky, reasonably priced and with very good baking. Am I out of date?