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Jul 21, 2008 07:52 AM

Lahmacun in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

I'm looking for a good lahmacun, which is a Turkish pizza wrapped around tomatoes, onions, and parsley, when done right. They make great ones at Ali Baba on E. 34th in Manhattan, but I have yet to find a decent one in Brooklyn. Any suggestions?

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  1. nope. I know this as lamejun from the armenian places in Watertown, MA just outside of Cambridge. I've not yet found anything here that's as good.

    D'Vine taste makes a meat pie - which is really just the flat bread with the ground meat/tomato topping. Damascus bakery does, too. Neither was delicious. :-(

    I think Queens is where it's at, I just haven't ventured over there yet to find the goods.

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      The Turkish lahmacun at Meriterra (5th Ave and 6th Street) was great, but now the owners call it Corner Burger or something. Does anyone know if lahmacun is still available there?

    2. I'm not sure about the menus at the couple of Fifth Ave. Turkish places, but for a nice substitute I recommend the lahambajin pizza at Olive Vine. It has more of a pizza crust, and a thicker topping that a Turkish lahmacun. The lahambajins at D'Vine taste are closer to the Turkish style in crust thickness.

      1. The one at Zaytoon's on Vanderbilt at (?) St Marks is quite good, especially when piping hot.

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          There's a really good Turkish place across the street from Jay and Lloyd's on Avenue and E.27th in Brooklyn. I forget the name but I do believe they make what you're looking for. I'm not a fan of Zaytoon's or Olive Vine. You might also want to try Kings Hwy Grill on Kings Highway and E. 19th.

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            I dont know about lahmacun, but we were SO disappointed with the Vanderbilt Zaytoons - timid watered down middle eastern cuisine. Not tempted to return - I mean, the waitress didnt even understand why I might be asking for hot sauce.