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Jul 21, 2008 07:42 AM

help! how to cook "pork loin rib end roast"?

So i admit it - meat intimidates me. Also its so confusing as the type listed on the package can often be different than anything in my cookbooks. I wanted to make this tonight for a couple of friends but all of my cookbooks say center rib roast or some other something. Doesnt need to be fancy just need a basic way to cook this sucker. Did I mention I need to do this tonight??? (Never again will I try something new for a weekday dinner party) Thanks!!

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  1. I found a bunch of recipes on-line by googling "pork loin rib end roast". This one from Epicurious looks like a delicious basic recipe. I find that reading the reviews of Epicurious recipes is often helpful and some of them are even worth printing out with the recipe. When you see all the substitutions that people make with the recipe it should give you plenty of confidence! Good luck, I bet it will turn out great!

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    1. The most simple answer I know of is 350 degrees & 30 minutes per pound. Test with a meat thermometer for done temperature of 160 to 175 degrees F.

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        Ack! No!!! At 160 a pork loin roast will be dry and overdone; at 175 it will be shoe leather. It needs to come out of the oven at 145, max.