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Jul 21, 2008 06:58 AM

Kind of disappointing night at La Laiterie

Nothing bad, but considering how often I rave about it on this board I wasn't too happy. We stopped in late-ish Friday (10PM) for a small bite after a movie. We each got the sweet corn bisque that was a was so thin they didn't just puree it, they must have strained it as well. Not a lot of flavor....we had to add quite a bit of salt to make it flavorful. Kate's rustic biscuits......nothing special, again pretty bland. The mac & cheese that I've loved so much in the past....again, not bad but just so-so. I've had better mac & cheese at Waterplace and The Mooring. I hope this isn't the start of a trend.

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  1. That stinks. Maybe because it was late night?

    I'm excited for the new Chef's Whim series.

    1. me too,lets hope it was just a late night,long,hot night in the kichen,and not a new trend.ive never gone there late,actually weve only gone right when they opened,and never had any real problems at all,foods always been great.we did get the charcuterie once and it was the tiniest little thing ive ever seen,for 25$,ouch!but have always been impressed with all the others,from an awesome fish special,to burgers,mac and cheese,even the cheese board......if your looking for a new cheese place to try,check out the cheese plate in warren,on water st.great selection,great wines by the glass,and just a cool,funky thing going on...

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      1. re: im hungry

        That sounds like a fun place! I'll definitely check it out.

      2. I ate their at roughly the same time as you - but we got there earlier. It was kind of a crazy night - it started raining and they had to move us inside. In the shuffle they never brought us bread for our cheese plate (they picked the cheeses - delish - would've been better with the bread - we ate with our fingers!!!!). Also our waitress was really sick - we kept joking she had the plague - they should not have let her wait tables. As for the rest of the food - from the treats we had the grilled corn with anchovey aioli and cheese - will be absolutely the best thing ever once corn is more in season, and the sardine - yum. We also had the scallops - perectly cooked and the fois gras - absolutely the BEST I have had in the state, reasonably priced and not so huge you feel ill after. It came with blueberry johnnycakes and maple syrup - I can't wait to go eat it again and again and again.....

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          Good to hear, maybe they hit a few off-notes and not a trend. We got there right after the rain let up and were able to sit outside (sheltered by an awning the furniture didn't really get wet). You weren't the party who got to sit inside the cheese shop side, were you? Looked like fun!