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Jul 21, 2008 06:56 AM

Vegas - Strip Malls and Trendy Scenes

Im in Vegas this weekend with a buddy and we are looking for two types of places:

Strip Mall ethnic - We have been to LOS and Michoacan (not sure if I remember the name right - its the one with three locations). Big fan of the first, not so impressed with the latter (a Mexican restaurant that replaces the traditional cooking ingredient of good old rendered lard with olive oil is not really for me). What should we try next? In particular - vietnamese, chinese, taco truck mexican, afghan or middle eastern, korean, japanese, etc.

High end trendy - We would like at least one high-end meal with great food. However, Im concerned that some of the better restaurants (charlie trotter's, Guy Savoy, Robuchon, etc) will be too formal for our tastes, at least on this trip. My guess is that we will be well lubricated by the time we get to dinner, so what would otherwise be an elegant, slow-paced tranquil dinner is not going to work on this trip. We want a place that is fun and great for people-watching on top of great food. Any thoughts?

Last - any thoughts on oldschool/throw back bars or dives would be well appreciated. We have been to Peppermill many, many times. Anything else we should be checking out? Doesnt have to be on the strip.


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  1. off the strip Rosemary's is great and they run all types of deals, Wednesday night half off for the ladies, Sunday night half priced bottles of wine. The food is excellent, the service is very good, its more quiet, off the strip.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. Have actually been to Rosemary's a couple of times. And always enjoyed it. I definitely see how you think it would fit my request of strip mall ethnic. I guess being from NYC, I never think of italian as ethnic food. Thats just the normal fare :)

      Anyone have any thoughts on othr places?

      1. re: TJ47

        I just remembered that Rosemary's isnt really well categorized as Italian food either. My bad. Great food though. And will remain a mainstay on my Vegas list.

    2. Have you tried Chinatown? Started out 10 years as a single shopping center development on Spring Mountain Road a couple of miles west of the Strip, but has since developed into an off and on Chinese/Vietnamese community for many blocks along Spring Mountain. Original Chinatown center is at 4215 Spring Mountain.

      1. I really like the Himalayan restaurant on Sahara between Maryland and Paradise. Off the beaten path, definitely ethnic and reasonable. No reservations necessary. Not the fanciest of places but the people are nice and the food is good. I love the steamed turkey dumplings with the green cilantro mint sauce. The food is from Nepal but it definitely has some inidan influences as well...although there is a lot of meat.

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          I am visualizing the length of Sahara between Maryland Parkway (assume that's what you meant) and Paradise...and just can't seem to find a Himalayan place in my mind's eye. Of course, when I'm cruising that particular corner of Las Vegas I'm usually looking for the back side of LOS so I know where to turn in to its strip mall, so its entirely possible I have missed it. Name please?

          1. re: janetofreno

            That's because the Himalyan place is actually on Flamingo Rd, between Paradise and Maryland, Janet! I've passed by it numerous times, and have been dying to try it. Unfortunatly, my husband is VERY unadventerous food-wise, so I've made myself the promise i'm taking -myself- there on my day off this week! A co-worker of mine just loved this place and they also mentioned the friendly, helpful staff- along with good, unique food. I'm really looking forwards to going!

            Oh, my add for something different to eat here in Vegas would be Hoffbrau Haus, across the street from The Hard Rock Hotel (fun to get rip-roarin' drunk and let one's hair hang done, tho I think the food's good, but a tad pricey) or across from Hoffbrau Haus is my fave Japanese place in town Sushi Yokohama Kaigenrou. Open till 2am, very good izakaya food and ramen. Great service, and not as crowed as the trendy (but also excellent) Ichizya on Spring Mountain Rd.

            1. re: Honeychan

              Ramen suggestion is much appreciated. No better drunk food in my mind. I usually take advantage of the noodle shop in the Mandalay Bay, but it sounds like Sushi Yokohama Kaigenrou might be a better choice (if a bit farther from the tables :))

              The Himalayan also sounds great.

              Any recommendations from anyone on a particular spot in the LV Chinatown that stands out? Any vietnamese places that anyone would recommend? If Ramen is a great drunk food, Pho is a great hangover food.

              1. re: TJ47

                I tried to post this yesterday, but somehow it never made it ... website was running very, very slow.

                Anyway, for good pho try Sai Gon 8 on Spring Mountain just a little bit east of Jones (and a little west of the heart of "Chinatown."). I also like their Korean BarBQued shortribs....a nice greasy, beefy treat.

        2. Rincon de Buenos Aires has excellent empanadas and steaks (espcially their mied grills).

          Rincon De Buenos Aires
          5300 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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          1. re: Eric

            Himalayan Cuisine is located 730 East Flamingo. The son has taken over running the restaurant and has upgraded the menu. Link to website that includes the
            current menu:

          2. What is LOS and where is it?