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Jul 21, 2008 06:45 AM

Has anyone been to Soupe du Jour in Hopewell, Lately?

I am suppose to be going there for lunch tomorrow, but the people I am going with haven't been there in a long time. There number has been changed and Yahoo says it may be closed. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. I do believe it has closed. I say that only because I did not see it during my last trip through Hopewell. Perhaps someone can confirm one way or the other.

    Had many a wonderful brunch at Soupe du Jour.

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    1. re: ambrose

      Well, the place's phone number is gone. I dare say, it is, too. Which is kind of sad.

      1. re: ambrose

        It closed 7/07. The chef/owner Patty Phillips is now part of the catering team at the nearby Pennington Quality Market.

        1. re: Foody4life

          I know this is an old thread but I was at Pennington Quality Market today and discovered that Patti's famous soups are available there. You can buy them freshly made or frozen.

          You can also buy her made-from-scratch breads!

          PQM is on Route 31 in Pennington. Za, a great little restaurant, is right across the road.